Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Timotheo Blanco Ascoltare

I understand that Google keeps pretty tight lipped about their method of determining their rankings... and with good reason. If you knew the formula, you could game the system and get your own website to the top of any google list.

That being said, I must've done something right (per Google) when I posted Oil pipelines in South Ossetia? on August 10 because I'm now at the top of most google searches that include any variation of the words "oil pipeline South Ossetia." Use those words for google images and I come right to the top.

Anyway, for weeks now I've seen various UN agencies, different world governments (including the Brazilian Presidential office) and even American military offices (including the Department of Information Management which apparently helped my post go viral!) log onto to TWL.

But today's visitors really surprised me:Yup. Though I can't read what they're writing... even people from other countries are blogging about TWL! Blogging can be fun.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Just what do you mean by the phrase "even Italians are blogging about TWL!"
It's derogatory and betrays your bias.

Tim White said...

oh... sorry about that... I guess you could infer that, but I certainly didn't imply that. I should've said "even people from other countries are..."

But I'm pretty sure that blog is Italian.

Nothing derogatory intended whatsoever.

Actually, I took it as a huge compliment that people were referencing my post.

For instance, if Ron Paul vistited I would say "even Ron Paul is blogging..." And I'm confident that no one would infer that to be an insult on my part.

Again though, I apologize for my lack of clarity.

Anonymous said...

No, you're betraying your own propensity to scream 'racism!' to score points against your political opponents.

Did it ever occur to liberals that their gratuitous over-charging of 'bias' is the main reason most Americans are indifferent to the accusation? The charge that Tim's remarks are somehow prejudiced against Italians is ridiculous on the face of it.