Monday, August 04, 2008

The entire turf discussion (2 of 3)

Here is the continuation of the July 8 discussion on artificial turf: Tim White


Anonymous said...

Something to note about Altieri's comments saying that the turf was approved by a 7 - 2 vote as part of the legislative pkg in Jan.2006:

He seems to try to make it sound as if the council wanted to pursue a turf field but in reality many councilors wanted to remove the turf request from the legislative package. It was high on the list of, I believe, ten items and discussions went on for quite some time about why it was even on the list. In the end, it was moved to the very bottom of the list which was probably viewed by some councilors as a very low priority. Since the package is voted on in its entirety and not on each individual item, the vote ended up 7 - 2 in favor.
This to me was the first victory for Altieri in moving along his top priority - the turf.

Anonymous said...

Regardless what the turf ad hoc committee reports, they cannot deny that the turf contains chemicals - hazardous chemicals and even cancer causing chemicals.

In this video clip Mr. Florio says,
"We are not ever going to put the children of Cheshire at risk."

chemicals = risk

Glad my kids are out of the school system.

Anonymous said...

The first 3 minutes of this video show how naive DeCaprio really is.
It is her opinion that we should just take the money since someone went out and asked for it.
How can the ad hoc committee not be prepared with costs and how they will raise the remainder of the money? They were told of this grant back in January. They should have been prepared with a plan.

One other note, i know Mike Rocci reads this...I know you didn't mean to group the entire town into it, but when you say this town isn't generous, that really isn't fair. This town is incredibly generous, but there are so many causes we can all donate to. You have always had excellent points that I normally agree with, but you shouldn't group the entire town into your assumption.

Anonymous said...

Connecticut Group Calls for Moratorium on Installing Synthetic Turf Fields
June 3, 2008

A Connecticut non-profit group, Environment and Human Health, Inc., has recommended that a moratorium be placed on new fields or playgrounds that use ground-up rubber tires:

There is enough information now concerning the potential health effects from chemicals emanating from rubber tire crumbs to place a moratorium on installing any new fields or playgrounds that use ground-up rubber tires until additional research is undertaken.

The full report can be viewed here. In short, the group recommends that additional research must be taken to study the potential health risks of exposure to ground-up tires. Athletic Management has also offered its perspective on the use of synthetic turf from the perspective of an athletic director.

At this point, it appears that the health risks from playing on turf are minimal, although not entirely clear. The issue is now being studied with significant intensity by a variety of parties, including the federal government, various states, environmental groups and the turf industry itself. At present, the legal issues facing the turf companies are likely limited to whether these fields are deemed unsuitable for play and must be replaced. Accordingly, various warranty, breach of contract and other actions could be brought against the turf companies. However, should someone attribute an illness to exposure to materials on such fields, a new group of product liability claims could arise.

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Posted by: Michael J Rocci PDT

Please take note that two young adult athletes playing on an artificial turf have died from a direct result from playing on these fields. That's two too many, I ask any of you to chime in on why we should take the chance???

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned that they felt people came in here with agendas already and not open minds.
I think they were referring to Ecke. Tapping his fingers and shaking his head....
Guess what Mike..if you can't spend the time to listen to the citizens and thoese we elected, then get off the council.
I am so tired of these TC people who feel we all need to agree with their agenda.

tim white said...

The problem with this whole turf discussion was that the Dems framed it as a GOP political statement. But that is being intellectually dishonest.

Although Matt Hall refused to allow the town atty to answer my question... the political statement was the mere placement of this on the agenda... because there was absolutely no reason for it... other than "the big grandstanding gesture" of one particularly self-righteously indignant Councilman.

The questions/comments by Tim S, Jim S and me were simply a response to their political statement of placing the turf on the agenda.

If I recall the conversation correctly... at least Hall and Esty had the decency to acknowledge the vote was little more than a show of moral support.

The big "grandstanding gesture" was 100% intellectually dishonest and disrespectful to the intelligence of the voters.

Anonymous said...

12:38 Mike - Not sure which 2 athletes you're referring to that died, but I did read about at least one death in Texas related to a high school student who contracted MRSA (deadly infection)from an artificial turf field.