Friday, August 01, 2008

Activities at the Senior Center and elsewhere

From the MRJs Jesse Buchanan:

Senior Center director Doreen Pulisciano wants to attract a new crowd - working, baby boomer-age seniors...

Countless studies support the prediction that
baby boomers will be more active and will work longer after retirement than their parents, the World War II generation. Senior center events must reflect the shift towards a more active, healthier lifestyle, Pulisciano said.

"They want to go kayaking and they want to go biking they want different activities," she said.

As an alternative, I suggest You could join one of the three that already exist in Cheshire or one of the 44 that already exist within ten miles of Cheshire. Or expand the range to 25 miles and find hundreds of meetups as close as New Haven. It's everything from dogs to parenting, from reading to hiking.

And on a somewhat related note... if you're looking for something to do... check out for volunteer opportunities in CT.

Or take advantage of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation's new website and "write" a letter to the editor calling for leadership in Washington by discussing fiscal policy, particularly entitlement reform.

Tim White

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