Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Who is "the Commission?" (hotWatergate 12)

I got a call from CT Combustion tonight. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable, considering there is potential litigation out there. Nonetheless, it was an interesting conversation... a necessary conversation.

Seeing as how someone has deliberately and systematically withhheld information (see here, here and here) from GOP Council members about hotWatergate... and seeing that I'll need to gather information to come to any intelligent conclusion about hotWatergate, I welcomed the call.

Besides... in an extraordinary move by staff today... they actually informed the Council of additional documents related to this debacle... and I didn't even have to ask for it! (It was information from another of the bidders.)

Regardless, it's late and I'm going to make this a quick post. But I thought it might be worthwhile to pose a question to you... first read the section of the Sept '07 PBC meeting minutes* on hotWatergate:And ask yourself...

If "the Commission denied that request," then why would Mr. McKenney need to inform the Commission of the action it took? Or is this a situation in which the term "the Commission" is being used incorrectly? If so, who or what is "the Commission" in this context? And is there authority being bestowed on someone or something that is, in fact, not "the Commission?"

Tim White

* These minutes were provided to me (and all nine Council members) by CT Combustion as "exhibit F" in the rather bulky "book" that they compiled in an effort to actually get information to the Council... information that, for all they knew, may have never made it to the Council.


Anonymous said...

The PBC has limited powers. Read the Charter.

Anonymous said...

All commissions can make recomendations to the TC. What bid did the TC vote to accept?

Anonymous said...

The bid from CT Combustion - end of story.