Saturday, May 17, 2008

West Haven's turf problem

The Courant has another front page story on turf-related health risks (By REGINE LABOSSIERE And PAUL DOYLE). I want to note though that the existing turf concerns in West Haven relate to Astroturf, not the Artificial Turf that has been proposed by Matt Altieri.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Environment for Human Health Inc., whose board is made up of 10 doctors and public health officials, paid the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, a state agency dedicated to scientific research, to conduct a laboratory study on crumb rubber last year. The study tested the release of gases and leaching of liquids from synthetic turf rubber crumbs, and positively identified four chemicals that can cause skin and eye irritation and cancer and can corrode and destroy mucous membranes. The chemicals grew more prevalent in hot temperatures. The study found traces of a host of other chemicals but could not identify them positively.

Alderman said more research needed to be done to determine which chemicals and how much of each are being inhaled by people using the fields and are leaching into groundwater.

I suppose Altieri and his fellow dems are just going to dismiss this information on the new "rubber crumb" fields and push to get a field for CHS risking the health of all those who use it.

Anonymous said...

I hear Rubber Stamps like Rubber Crumbs.

Anonymous said...

We are asking for trouble. We better check our insurance coverage and up our budgeted legal costs in the future if this field happens. This TC majority will pass whatever they want with no concern for the citizens of this town. Let see what kind of a mess they can get us into this time. How many bids will we have for this project?

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