Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marty Atkins in the 89th

The GOP state Rep conventions were held tonight. The convention for the 89th district was held at Bethany Town Hall. Prospect's Marty Atkins was endorsed to run against my former opponent, Vickie Nardello. If you'd like to speak with Marty about his candidacy, you can call him at 203.729.7911 (Naugatuck) or email him at allmarty at aol. It should be an interesting race... particularly when Vickie starts explaining how she was against 3-strikes, before she was for it.

I presume that Al Adinolfi was endorsed in the 103rd. And I have no idea if anyone was endorsed in the 90th... currently represented by I-84 Chief Inspector William Fritz' mom, state Rep. Mary Fritz.

Tim White

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