Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day parade

As usual, the parade will begin at CPD HQ... this year, "stepoff" is at 1:30pm.

After his year-long hiatus from CT and his spirited campaign for the Presidency, Chris Dodd will be marching. I've heard that a few of our Constitutional officers (Blumenthal & Bysowiecz) will be marching as well. No word on whether you'll see Chris Murphy or his Republican opponent, Dave Cappiello.

Also... outside of veterans, there weren't too many people at this morning's wreath-laying ceremony, but it was nice to see a few elected officials (Al Adinolfi, Joe Bartoli and Elizabeth Esty) there, showing their respect.

Tim White


tim white said...

I've been informed that Dave Cappiello will be marching tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Murphy needs to check in with his peacenik buddies to see if they would be offended if he were to march.

Anonymous said...

David will be there!


Anonymous said...

Great parade. Thank you veterans. Let's never forget to honor them.