Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Being kept in the dark (Norton boiler 7)

Now switching gears to my concern about the possibility of information being deliberately and systematically withheld from me (and others) in relation to HotWatergate... so you can begin to understand my concern... please watch this video:
IMO, the answer given by staff is totally unacceptable.

It's all a bunch of smoke'n'mirrors.

When town staff get any letter that even suggests corruption, let alone includes the word "corruption" in the letter... it is incumbent on staff to bring that letter to the attention of the entire Council immediately... not eleven days later... buried in a pile of papers under this memo:

But while this was unbelievably poor judgment on the part of staff... I'm beginning to wonder if it was staff's idea to bury this.*

In a departure from their usual protocol, I'm wondering if on April 7th (or 8th)... was staff actually directed to withhold this information from certain Council members (a.k.a. GOP members)?

Anyway, it's late. I'm going to bed. More on this tomorrow.

Tim White

* Withholding information from Council members is not new. From the meningitis diagnosis at the pool that was "a Chesprocott issue" to the police officer in Wolcott that was "a personnel issue," I believe that it's wrong for Council members to first become aware of a town-related situation by reading the newspapers.


Anonymous said...

Home building is in a slump. The Bowman clan will do anything to get a contract.

Anonymous said...

We have a 1988 truck that the BOE is requesting bids to get it off their hands. I noticed that there was a 90 day window. I'm so happy that we figured out that it takes us 90 days to act on bids. I hope someone is marking their calendar. We don't want to send this out to bid again and again. I bet we will get this right.