Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sustainability efforts in Cheshire

While I have my doubts about Town Hall's commitment to a sustainable future for Cheshire, there are some people here who are clearly committed to doing their part.

While the Friends of Boulder Knoll deserve a lot of credit for their efforts... since $4 gas is here... when I bumped into Paul Zentek of Zentek Farms this morning at One-Stop, I asked him about the viability of crop farming here in Cheshire... and I'm glad to say that, as usual, he's got some interesting ideas brewing.

So while $4 gas has some serious drawbacks (I'm sure that those most in need... people who already live paycheck to paycheck can hardly cut back on too many frivolous expenses.), it does have some added benefits... such as helping to create a financially viable market for locally grown food crops.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Everybody should start growing their own vegies like it was done many years ago. The only problem is that many don't know how. How sad. Hope some old time farmers will be willing to give some lessons. Start digging because you are behind.