Saturday, May 24, 2008

GOP continues faltering

From McClatchey:

For years, conservative-minded home schooling mom Shana Kluck of Tuscaloosa, Ala., voted Republican. No longer.

Fed up with big government at home and military intervention overseas, she worked for Ron Paul in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination. Now that he's fallen short, she's switching parties, traveling to Denver this weekend to help former Republican Congressman Bob Barr win the Libertarian presidential nomination....

"The Republicans have betrayed us, abandoned the conservative cause,"
(Richard Viguerie) said in an interview. While he doesn't agree with the Libertarians across the board — he wants a federal role in social issues, for example — he does see them as closer to the true conservative cause than the Republicans.

This doesn't surprise me at all.

I keep getting emails from Republicans who are upset with The Beltway GOP crowd. Earlier today, someone emailed me this link to a Dick Morris piece on "The Coming GOP Senate Massacre."

Personally, I think McCain may win against Obama... but I don't expect Republicans to fare too well down ticket. If I lived in Kentucky, I doubt I'd vote for Mitch McConnell... and while I like John Boehner... he hasn't exactly articulated his conservative worldview very well... though much of that may be due to the reality that President Bush is the head of the party for eight more months.

Whatever happens... I hope someone marshalls support for entitlement reform. While I firmly believe a promise has been made... and seniors must receive the benefits promised... I also believe people my age (35) recognize there is a real problem that needs to be addressed.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim, how was impeaching Clinton for boffing an intern "libertarian"?

tim white said...

I don't understand your question. What do you mean?

Anonymous said...

That's was Bob Barr's major achievement in Congress, wasn't it?

Even thisconservative thinks it's time to "move On" from that sad era in politics. I've yet to see any credible explaination why someone who believes in conservative economics or foreign policy explain why it is a good idea to let a naive peacenik socialist run the country for four years---what--so we can spend two-three decades trying to fix the damage?

Anonymous said...

Well, at least one liberal peacenik socialist won't be running the country for four years....

Ding dong the wicked Witch is dead! (politically speaking)

Her freudian slip was just that, exposing what conservatives knew all along: that she cares more about herself than the country or even her own party.

angrywomyn said...

The last comment fills me with rage. Hillary may or may not be a practitioner of Wicca, but the last poster called her as witch as an insult to all womyn. And shame on Elizabeth Esty. She’s been a powerful legal force for womyns right to abortion, but she supported Obama against Hillary. Empowered womyn demand power, not patronage.

Anonymous said...

To angrywomyn,

is there anything that doesn’t fill you with rage?

is there anything you ever say that’s not a cliché?

Anonymous said...

Angrywomyn is right about one thing. Elizabeth Esty has been a major player in pro-abortion efforts, including advocacy of public funding for abortions. If you google “Elizabeth H. Esty” + abortion, there are 61 results, all cases she was involved with.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think the latter day "moderate" Esty has tried to put her career of practicing law in other states into a memory hole? ...jeez, she' so secretive about her background you'd think she was in witness protection

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Esty has has donated money to Emily's List, an organization dedicated "to elect pro-choice Democratic women."

Abortion rights is this group's sole agenda, including taxpayer-funded abortions, and unrestricted late term PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS.

Emily's List demands 100% compliance with its most extreme pro-abortion positions. They withdrew support from Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu because, while otherwise pro-choice, Landrieu opposed late term, partial birth abortions, except to save the mother's life.

Google up "Emily's List" + abortion to see for yourself.

So now that Esty is running for state rep., does she still support unrestricted, taxpayer-funded, late term abortions of fully viable babies?

Fewer than 3% of abortions are due to incest, rape, or to protect mother's life. 97% of abortions are for social convenience.

Anonymous said...

to 9:32.."social convenience"? why do you assume that the decision to abort is easy? Could it not be an anguished better alternative? And think for a minute how you would feel if someone told you what to do with your body...

Anonymous said...

Whether a decision to commit homicide is easy or anguished is beside the point. It’s still homicide (the taking of an innocent human life). It’s not a frog, it’s not an extracted tooth, it’s a human being.

Homicide is a better alternative than adoption? Mother Teresa’s nuns will take and place any baby from anywhere in the world. There is actually a shortage of healthy babies available for adoption.

Someone telling you what to do with your body? Did anyone ask the baby what she wants done with her body?

And what about a healthy 3rd trimester baby who is fully viable? Even if you rationalize abortion generally, how can you rationalize the homicide of a late term, viable baby (aside from rare cases of protecting mother’s life)? Then there’s the question of whether taxpayers should have to pay for this.

I’m always amazed at the visceral reactions of pro-abortionists when photos of sliced and burned babies are displayed in public. If these were photos of extracted teeth or dead frogs, they’d think it odd, but they wouldn’t react so viscerally. Their inflamed reaction to photos of aborted babies proves that they really know that abortion is homicide.

Anonymous said...

I believe Ms. Esty also filed court papers endorsing euthansia

I do not want a fan of Dr. Kervorkian representing Cheshire

Anonymous said...

Question for Angrywoman...oops..."Angrywomyn"

Did you substitute the "a" in woman with a "y" to conceal the word man? This is curious since you're so clever being angry yet never noticed your substitution doesn't remove the male afterall. "Y" is the symbol for the male chromosome. You just can't take the man out of a woman.

Ms. Esty is a liberal period. Obama is simply more liberal than Hillary. Ms. Esty is probably more pragmatic and thinks the chances of an Obama victory are greater than a Hillary victory. She could be right or wrong but either way you have no right being angry with either if choice if the democrats prevail in November.

Cheer up Honey!

angrywomyn said...

Empowered womyn by any spelling don’t need men, or are the dominant partners of men. Visit the Feminist Rage Page at

OK, I get the strategy of Ms. Esty and other feminists who support Obama. He is more to the left than Hillary and he might be able to beat McCain. If Obama wants the support of womyn, he has to do more to empower us, and not only people of color.

One way Obama could empower us is to move beyond a pre natal pro-choice position and endorse Peter Singer’s post natal choice position, to allow 40 days after birth to choose termination.

I admire Ms. Esty for being in the forefront of pro-choice efforts through her legal work and her support of Emily’s List. Late term abortion is OK if womyn choose it!!! A previous poster calls it homicide just because the late term fetus is viable. Such reasoning is patriarchal and fills me with rage!!!

PS: Please don’t tell me to cheer up. >>The Feminist Rage Page is for womyn who are pissed off. The world gives us so much to be angry about, and then tells us not to be angry. Here is your space. Scream it out loud.<<

Anonymous said...

Are you for real?
Why don't we say we can kill our kids when they are 5 or 6 just because they are annoying us.....
Get off your soap box, you are nothing more than an irritating feminist who feels you have been trampled on. Thus, you must come up with totally ridiculous ideas.
The feminist rage page is for innorant women who don't have a clue. Perhaps if they stopped spouting these tales of whoa, we may pay attention.
Until then, give us all a break!

Anonymous said...

Elizabth Esty contributes to a group which promotes late term abortions and demands public funding of it. That's disgusting.

She will try to make herself look moderate to get elected, but what's her real agenda?

Anonymous said...

To anrywomyn,

You want to allow 40 days after a baby is born for a mother to “terminate” her baby. Have you feminazis no shame?

You say that calling late-term abortion homicide is “patriarchal reasoning”. Yet you can’t refute the truth that late-term babies are fully viable human beings, independent of the mother.

You only prove that abortion is homicide, murder. But you don’t care, your whole rant is about ME, ME, ME.

Why do the Democrats pander to such evil? A million babies a year are sliced up and burned in this country in the name of “choice”, and they consider this normal. They think taxpayers should pay for this, but not to keep violent criminals locked up. Where does the lunacy end?

You can have Obama, Hillary, and Elizabeth Esty. None of them will ever be elected while they pander to the likes of you and other lunatic causes.

You don’t need the Feminist Rage Page, dearie. You need a good psychotherapist to help you figure out where all your anger is really coming from.

angrywomyn said...

calling womyn feminazis and lunatics fills me with rage!!! womyn were oppressed for centuries, and now we control our own bodies. we don’t want to hear about late term babies being fully viable. I will now support Obama to help stop your rightwing tide of oppression against womyn. and I’ll ask my friends to vote for Ms. Esty to advance the power of womyn. Womyn’s rage is womyn’s power!!!

Anonymous said...

Angrywomyn said, ”we don’t want to hear about late term babies being fully viable (human beings).”

In other words, don’t bother me with FACTS and TRUTH; I have a radical agenda to promote. It really is all about the narcissism of me, me, me.

They don’t like being called feminazis.
FACT: over 30 million babies have been exterminated by abortion. The Nazis exterminated only 12 million (6 million Jews and 6 million others).

Obama, Esty, and the Dems will distance themselves from these more radical feminists, including their call for 40 days of post-natal termination “choice”. The Dems will try to make themselves look moderate, but remember the company they keep (Obama and Wright, Esty and Angrywomyn’s ilk).

happy woman said...

As a woman (that’s womAn), I think it very sad that radical feminists define the advancement of women primarily in terms of unrestricted abortion rights. They talk of controlling our own bodies, but like someone said above, did anyone ask the baby what she wants done with her body? Civil rights for women should not based upon demands for civil wrongs, and I for one don’t buy that agenda.

Anonymous said...

Angry Dyke
At least you won't need to worry about abortion.
Nobody would ever want to have sex with you.

cheshire gwm said...

3:54, this is not about “dykes” (lesbians). Angrywomyn many or may not be, but most radical feminists, like Ms. Esty, are not gay. We need to oppose radicals on the issues, not their personal orientation.

As a gay man who is also conservative, Republican, Catholic, and pro-life, I’ll be voting for John McCain and Al Adinolfi.

Anonymous said...

Cheshire gwm,
How can you as a gay man be conservative, Catholic, and against women’s right to choose? How can you vote for McCain and Adinolfi who are against gay marriage?

cheshire gwm said...

I’m conservative on most (not all) issues because I look at each issue on its own merits, and don’t march in lockstep with any party or ideology. I used to be a Democrat, but they slid too far to the extreme left.

I reject the idea that my civil rights as a gay man must be politically aligned with support for abortion. I should have the right to marry as a legal choice; murder should not be a legal choice.

Being a Catholic is a matter of personal faith, but I do not agree with the church hierarchy on all issues, including same-gender marriage. In fact, two-thirds of US Catholics support either gay marriage or civil unions. Plus I’ve never experienced personal discrimination at the parish level.

McCain and Obama actually have the same position on gay marriage. They both oppose a federal ban on it, and will leave it for the States to decide. McCain also supports civil unions. On all other issues, I like McCain’s moderate conservatism overall, versus Obama’s extreme liberalism.

I agree with Al Adinolfi on most issues. We disagreed on his opposition to gay marriage/ civil unions. Now that civil unions are a fact of life in Conn., it’s not a problem this year.

Hope that answers your questions.

Anonymous said...

Dyke, in thus case, was referring to the anti male attitude of the afore mentioned womyn, not her sexual orientation or probable lack thereof.
Mutually consenting adult homosexuals should have as much right to do whatever they wish in the privacy of their bedroom as any other adult. It is none of my or anybody else's business.
Abortion, on the other hand. is murder and nobody has the right to take an innocent human life.