Saturday, May 03, 2008

AT&T U-verse internet hookup

My new AT&T U-verse internet hookup seems to work no differently from my Cox connection... and it should save me $20/mo. As for my phone service, it was with AT&T before. Now I just have a cheaper plan... went from $65 to $40/mo.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

May be cheaper, do you get the 3 local government channels?

tim white said...

No, I no longer have any cable tv. I stopped that a month ago.

I'm just trying this for internet and phone... though they offer TV service and, coincidentally, the cable guy told me that I was his first customer to not get TV hookup.

Details on their TV service seem to be constantly changing... though Luther Turmelle at the NHR has been doing a good job trying to keep up with the developments that have been happening for the past year or so.