Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Phantom loads" cost money

In an effort to reduce my electric bill, I went around my house this weekend and unplugged many of my electrical appliances (TVs, DVD players, etc.) that I don't use often. In other words, I eliminated many "phantom loads.

I did it because I understand that over the course of the year, such appliances could easily cost hundreds of dollars.

But that's a way to save on consumption. If you want to save on your rates (house and / or business), here's a quick tutorial in alternative electric providers available to you in CT.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Speaking of "phantom loads" that "cost money", did you get the Ned Lamont robo call tonight trying to get Jodi Rell to open up the state employee health plan?. Lord knows what that will ned up costing state government

Tim White said...

No, haven't gotten (or should I say answered) any robocalls tonight.