Saturday, May 03, 2008

AT&T U-verse telephone hookup

The installation guy, John, is here now.

I called AT&T a few weeks ago to change my phone service. And while not knowing that U-verse was anything other than a TV service plan, I was told that U-verse also includes phone and internet. And during the course of the conversation, they sold me on trying out their U-verse internet service, along with the U-verse phone service plan.

Using these two services is supposed to reduce those two bills by about $35/mo combined.

As for the technology, John explained to me that it's fiberoptics that run as far as those big beige boxes on the telephone poles. Then it's the regular telephone land lines that they use. And if you want the service, you need to be within a few thousand feet of one of those boxes.

Anyway, I'm logging off now. Hopefully, I'll be able to log back on this afternoon.

Tim White

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