Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Caligiuri on teen driving bill

Sam's a fantastic speaker... extremely polished... never says "ummm...." Sam for Governor!


Anonymous said...

Tim "Sam for President?" you must be joking, right? I can give you three reasons off the top of my head why he can't be president.

1. He stands erect when orating.

2. He's intellectually overqualified.

3. He makes too much sense.

oh, and forth..

4. He's Italian!

oh, oh and P.S. He probably never committed adultery, which would eliminate him right out of the gate.

oh, oh, oh and P.P.S. I bet he even never met anyone affiliated with the Weather Underground or even took on sniper fire while landing on hostile territory here in Connecticut.

I see no future for this honest, public servant.
Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

One of my problems with this bill is that if it is unsafe for teens to be out after 11pm, then there should be no exemption for "school, work, or religious activities." Prom night, graduation night, and class night are probably the three worst nights to be out after 11pm and under this (and current) legislation, teen driving after curfew is allowed on these nights. If it is unsafe to be out after 11pm, then it is unsafe to be out after 11pm PERIOD. Ironically, increasing the behind-the-wheel time from 8 to 20 hrs will undoubtably raise the cost of driver's ed, which will make it less affordable and therefore, more parents may opt to teach the kids themselves and save the cost of driving school.