Friday, May 23, 2008

Council agenda 5/27

Hot off the presses... I just received the agenda for Tuesday's meeting:Tim White


Anonymous said...

What's so secretive about the "economic incentive" that they have to go into executive session? What's that all about?

Anonymous said...

If the Norton bid process was so full of mistakes on the part of the town, as was said by council members, how come the auditors who go over the books and procedures, hadn't identified procedural problems in the past on this manual, fragmented bid process that's been used for years?

tim white said...

Procedural shortcomings vs. human error?

I'm not convinced there are procedural shortcomings... I disagree with the TAs interpretations.

Remember though... the Democratic majority does not want to understand what happened... they want people to forget.

If they truly wanted to understand the situation, they would publicly discuss the fact that Hall and Milone knew about the corruption memo on April 8th... yet the information was not disclosed to me in any form until April 18th... and they would get an explanation as to why this information was deliberately withheld from me.

But they don't want to because the Democrats are at the heart of this coverup.

Which makes me wonder about the analogy made by Altieri to Watergate... again... was it the botched breakin that forced Nixon to resign in disgrace? Or was it the coverup that ensued?

I wish we could demand answers... but the Democrats are quite comfortable with this coverup.

It's a tragedy that they're so engrossed with power that they've lost sight of the big picture: good government.

But this behavior is nothing new for them... the Democratic Council majority is becoming quite adept at sweeping things under the rug.

Anonymous said...

Tim, youre like the Britney Spears of Cheshire politics. You started out strong, promising.... then just before you started to peak, you just fell apart and started acting odd. Hopefully you wont shave your head and start attacking the media with umbrellas!

Anonymous said...

12:03 Don't attack Tim on this one. He is doing his "due dilegence" by keeping the public informed as much as possible.

The bid was rigged and many people know it.

tim white said...

to the substance of my comment aboutthe fact that Hall and Milone knew about the corruption memo on April 8th... yet the information was not disclosed to me in any form until April 18th...

How does this Democratic coverup make me odd?

Last week Stalin was invoked in my name. This week I'm Britney Spears... yet the naysayers don't speak to the substance of my comments. Instead, it's easier to smear.

Anonymous said...

Smearing is easy. as you show that almost daily against the TM, and the Democrats. *(of which I am not a fan of them either) Work constructively, as a taxpayer I am tired of my elected officials acting like spoiled children, and embarassed to be represented in such a manner. You can make your argument without everything being a conspiracy and having to grand stand.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Tim:

He has provided a lot of information to the public that the TM and Dem majority would like to keep in the dark.

They don't like openess or the light of day. Keep that light shining. I can't imagine what these people would have done if Tim and others didn't hold the feet of our elected and paid officials to the fire.

As for some of the comments against Tim, they are being made by the people that can't stand the heat.

Anonymous said...

Let them sweat a little. Keep asking good questions. Let's see what firm will be picked to audit the Town.

Anonymous said...

Tim: The interesting part of "the corruption memo" is that, according to the tape, it was sent to our TM. It is interesting that the "corruption" part gets notoriety but nothing else. Anything to make someone else the bad guys: that was the strategy. How many other letters got sent to the TM or anywhere else? We didn't hear about any of those or what they said... just the "corruption" part. "Instead, it's easier to smear."

Tim: are we ever going to know what really went on here?

PS: Britney has it all over you. Shave your head and we will worry.