Sunday, May 04, 2008

"For reasons we don't understand"

Have you ever heard of an "Inspector General?" They're kind of like auditors for the government... the guys who are responsible with ensuring everything is on "the up'n'up."

According to the Courant, we don't have one. But why would we in Corrupticut?

Among the many good ideas that sprang to life in the short-lived but fertile Republican-led legislative session of 1985-86 was the office of inspector general.

Some state lawmakers had tried for several years to create an independent office to root out waste, fraud and abuse in state government and to protect whistle-blowers. "Independent" was the key word.

Finally, during the brief GOP interregnum, a bill creating the inspector general position was passed. On Aug. 1, 1986, Henri F. "Rick" Erkelens assumed duties as Connecticut's first inspector general. Only nine months later, a Democratic-led legislature obliterated the position on party-line votes...

But despite the gallant efforts of the 80s-era legislative Democrats, there are some who still believe the state would benefit from having an Inspector General. Chief among them is Senate Republican leader, John McKinney.

Mr. McKinney has been working for six years for a state inspector general position. He's still at it. But Democrats, for reasons we don't understand, are lukewarm. The Republicans were right in 1985, and Mr. McKinney is right today.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

They tried or have included legal council to be paid by the State up to a certain point? Is this true? If it is are we crazy? I wonder if that happens in the "real World"?Ha ha ha.