Thursday, May 08, 2008

Meriden gets turf

Here's some idea on how Meriden's turf is getting constructed (MRJ, by Amanda Falcone):

MERIDEN - Workers from Pittsburgh's ProGrass LLC began rolling out and stitching turf at Falcon Field on Monday.Stitching the 26 center panels and 12 to 15 side panels will take about a week, said Brian O'Neal, senior project manager for ProGrass. Once the panels are sewn, the inlay process will begin, which includes creating the logo and numbers on the field. Before the field is complete, ProGrass will also have to put down rubber infilling.

And here's some idea on the initial cost of a complex (turf, bleachers, etc.):

Meriden has set aside $2 million for the Falcon Field project; the state is giving the city $2 million. The project's contingency fund is $300,000.

And the article concludes with a mention of the operating costs:

A Friends of Falcon Field Committee will be formed to deal with donation requests and future fundraising, Salafia said. For example, someone could sponsor the field house and the committee could decide to offer advertising on the digital message part of the scoreboard, he said. Generating money will be important in upcoming years because Meriden will have to maintain the quality of the facility, Salafia said. Money could also be used to buy additional amenities.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Gotta love our state. We're in a defecit and we are giving $2 million to Meriden for a turf field.

Now, why are we being told that a turf field will cost between $800,000 and $1 million if theirs cost $2 million?
Are we looking at bargain basement turf?
At least they have a plan on how to pay the ongoing maintenance costs. Our town would just ask for more assistance each year from the taxpayers.

Please don't let this happen Tim! We can't afford this and there is a huge discrepancy in the final cost.

tim white said...

the $4,000,000 is for the complex, incl. field, bleachers, etc.

I don't know what they budgeted for the cost of the turf part of the entire project.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression there was a moratorium on turf fields until the health issues were resolved?

Anonymous said...

Health of the people using the field doesn't matter to anyone? What is wrong with this picture? Who is making all the money on these turf fields???