Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Grievances discussed

Reported by the Cheshire Herald's Josh Morgan:

Last week, members of the Town Council’s Personnel Committee discussed the grievances to gain a better understanding of the type of complaints filed against the town. Last year, eight grievances were filed by Public Works, two by the police department, one from Town Hall and four from the library.

“The numerical value of the grievances doesn’t mean anything,”
explained staff.

So there ya have it... "these aren't the droids we're looking for." Why did I even bother asking? I mean this data is meaningless.

I wonder though... is it possible that this data is meaningless? I mean... hypothetically-speaking... could it be skewed by staff avoiding grievance filings because they feel that staff will always lose a decision to management? And could they feel that if they push the issue, they'll hear Council members dismissively say "Council does not need to know" ? Could town staff feel somehow left out in the cold? To the point where they feel it's better to just keep their mouths shut and do as their told?

Or perhaps staff feel so terrible about their work situations, they just start quitting? Could that happen? Could say... hypothetically-speaking... a police officer hate the job so much that s/he doesn't file a grievance... instead s/he just quits?

How would you know? Perhaps the exit interview could shed some light?. Oh wait... we don't do exit interviews... so how could we know the reason someone quit?

But of course, I'm asking these questions on the basis that a Council member would want to know... and that's already been explained to me... "Council does not need to know." So I guess I should just stop speculating and keep my mouth shut.

Oh wait... I forgot... I didn't ask for the number of grievances from the past year. I asked for a trend analysis showing the number of grievances over the past five years by department.

I guess Personnel Committee Chairman Matt Altieri will have that for me at next week's May 8 Council meeting. After all, I asked for it at the March 11 Council meeting. The report should be interesting.

I'm just hoping I'm not told...Tim White


Anonymous said...

TM and his lackey Zullo always side with management. Zullo is against anything that the Unions are for. He shows that during every negotiation process. If the town personnel were treated as they should instead of like they are lucky to work for the town grievances would be nil. Zullo didnt even know what the police grievance was filed for (as the herald quoted him) - he outright lied in the paper or he showed incompetence as to the facts put before the town.
Why arent the council people meeting with the Unions to hear their voices, in an arena that allows them safety from retaliationz

tim white said...

Why arent the council people meeting with the Unions to hear their voices

Personnel Committee Chairman Matt Altieri said "Council does not need to know."

Seriously though, there should be no doubt that if Nancy Pelosi were here in Cheshire...she would say the same thing of this Council as she did of the last Congress.