Monday, May 05, 2008

Illegal immigrants pardoned

In a surprising move...

Parks and Recreation Director Robert Ceccolini has decided against implementing the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Canada goose removal program in Mixville and Bartlem parks, he said Friday. The federal agency's program involved capturing and euthanizing geese. (MRJ, by Stacy Graham Hunt)

Can't we just send them home? We didn't invite these undocumented quackers here... tell them to pack their nests and get movin'!

Seriously though, I am glad in at least one respect.

Having attended numerous town meetings over the past few years, I have heard a recurring and troubling theme when it comes to Mixville.

Though I've never heard anyone speak the words "we need to stop people from going to Mixville, close it down and get those people to use the pool..." I have heard "we can save $6,000 by closing Mixville's Camp Sassacus and those 213 families can then all go to the pool camp program instead." (And remember, staff and the Council refuse to cut $14,000 for an unnecessary second strategic plan, but staff would actually consider cutting a program that serves 213 families?)

So after having heard such comments enough times... I've concluded that there has been a willful pattern of neglect over the past 5-10 years. And I do believe that is a factor in fewer people (and more undocumented quackers) visiting Mixville.

Tim White

p.s. P&R staff do a good job. This issue is above their paygrade.


Anonymous said...

That must be the strategic plan. Close Mixville. What a shame. I hope the TC in that district and all the others fights for Mixville Park.

Anonymous said...

i think mixvile is a great camp
my friends and i had a great summer there