Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CT-5 goes Green

While Democrat Chris Murphy has been targeted by the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee... because of what the RCCC considers to be a strong GOP challenger in Dave Cappiello... Murphy's now getting outflanked on his left.

The "Green party has nominated human rights attorney Harold H. Burbank II" (MRJ, by Andrew Perlot). Burbank wants a "war crimes investigation" of President Bush. What's interesting to me about a third party candidacy is recalling the 1998 CT-5 election (granted, the district was composed of different towns) in which incumbent Dem Jim Maloney defeated state Senator Mark Nielson by fewer than 1500 votes... and Maloney won with a plurality... that is, he did not get a majority of the vote.

And in other CT-5 news... Dave Cappiello is the GOP nominee. His former opponent, Tony Nania, dropped out of the race prior to the CT-5 convention that was held earlier this month.

Finally, unrelated to the CT-5... I still haven't heard of any Dems opposing Sam Caligiuri for his seat. Though he is holding a fundraiser tomorrow night (Wednesday night 5/28) from 6:30 - 9:00 PM at Cugino's. Cost is $35 per person. You can show up at the door, though an RSVP to 203-757-7505 is appreciated. Sam for Governor!

Tim White

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