Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Robert Tagliaferi arrest list grows

Robert Tagliaferi of Patton Drive (Cheshire) has a list of home burglary arrests that continues to grow. He's up to 17 and counting...I think this case:


was the one where he was arrested at the house of state Rep. Brendan Sharkey... and he's pleading "not guilty." It should be interesting to see how that goes over in the courtroom.

Btw, does anyone know if Tagliaferi ever "did time" in the past?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

a) Why is he represented by powerful Hartford law firm Halloran and Sage?

b) How did he pay for a $325,000 home on Patton Drive a few years ago?

c) Where is this guy from originally?

Me thinks there's waaay more to this story

tim white said...

If you google "Robert Tagliaferi," you'll find a 1981 graduate of Fairfield Prep.

Cheshire's Tagliaferi was born in 1963. So it's not out of the realm of possibility that it's the same "Robert Tagliaferi."

As for the $325k house... now that I think about it... the first $450,000 in bonds was made by someone. I had assumed that was covered by the Patton Drive residence.

But at age 45, it's more likely the mortgage company owns the house... than the resident owns the house.

As for H&S... who knows... some lawyers consistently take cases for nothing, but the free press.

Anonymous said...

So he's Gold Coast gone bad?

Remember there are a lot of wealthy Italians in Fairfield County who are, let's say "connected"?......can you say James Galante?

Anonymous said...

you are gonna end up in cement shoes. Signed
The Godfatha