Thursday, May 08, 2008

A recusal request (hotWatergate 13)

Last night I mentioned (here on the blog) that I had spoken with CT Combustion. Then today I got a call suggesting I recuse myself from hotWatergate. I'm not sure who prompted the call, but obviously someone is interested in what I do... and with whom I speak. FWIW, I tried to find out who was so interested in my actions, but I couldn't get a name. Too bad. Regardless, that's just a side note. The real point of this post is to explain my perspective* on last night's call.

As I also mentioned in last night's post, I was uncomfortable taking the call... but took it anyway. I took it because I feel very strongly that there has a been a deliberate and systematic withholding of information from me throughout the history of hotWatergate (for an explanation, see here, here and here). And that being the case, I have to wonder... what's the point of the Council directing the Town Attorney to investigate this mess? If information was withheld from me, why would I believe that all relevant information will be given to the Town Attorney?

Heck... even CT Combustion seemed to "weigh in" on the withholding of information:

"It's our feeling that some of the things we've sent in... hasn't gotten to ya folks."

- Dean Pietrorazio, CT Combustion, April 22, 2008; speaking on hotWatergate

See the one-minute video here:

The unfortunate reality is that I have little comfort with this whole situation. And as a result, I feel that I have to do my own research... which has basically been a documentation of things, here on the blog... but if someone wants to speak with me, I'm perfectly happy to chat.

I certainly don't want to put the town in a difficult situation, but I also intend to get to the bottom of this... and am not about to count on staff or other town officials for giving me the relevant information. Too many people have already demonstrated their incompetence, astoundingly poor judgment or basic lack of curiosity quite well in this mess... so I figure I should minimize my reliance on them for understanding hotWatergate.

Anyway, I'm just offering this up because I'm uncertain if I'll recuse myself from the hotWatergate vote.

This whole thing disgusts me.

Tim White

* explain my perspective to the voters, not to the insiders who seem to enjoy this blog so much.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you recuse yourself? Doing that would only be playing into their hands. You have every right to ask questions that are not being asked by others. As a councilman I feel it is your job to get to the bottom of important issues and I would have no respect for you if you did not.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. What is the threshold for a recusal? If it was simply talking to a party, IMO most of the council would likely have to recuse themselves… this is Cheshire, and one of the parties is local and vocal, and has likely spoken to his contacts in gov't. And isn’t he free to contact you too?

I think the threshold is an exchange of $$ (Matt Hall was right to recuse himself, for example). I’m not sure if this would apply to campaign support $$, but that presents a whole separate topic of discussion.

By running this blog, you have become a magnet of information. You will likley get more calls from the public and others. And I think you should keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Did Matt Hall really recuse himself?

Wasn't he privy to the possible litigation before the rest of the council?

Anonymous said...

Thee are obviously powers that be in this town that would benefit from this mess being buried. Any plumbing companies come to mind?