Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some cities understand "sustainability issues"

Some cities actually think about "sustainability issues." Now I'm definitely not advocating the creation of such a position in Cheshire. But particularly when it comes to the proposed ND, it would be nice to have such thought here in town at the policy level...

The City of San Antonio is recruiting for an Environmental Policy Manager. San Antonio has recently committed to become a leader in demonstrating successful municipal strategy concerning environmental policy and sustainable development. The Environmental Policy Manager is responsible for performing administrative and supervisory work in planning, developing, and directing environmental and sustainability programming including issues such as air quality, green building, alternative energy sources, and energy conservation. This position will serve in a leadership and advisory capacity, and exercise direct supervision over professional and technical staff.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

How would I just start a random question on this site?
For example how did the last meeting with the sub committee go?
Please advise.

tim white said...

Feel free to comment anywhere on anything... though I'd prefer to keep comments on topic. Other than that, from time to time I publish some random thoughts in an "open forum." Or you can email me and I'm happy to consider front-paging... which may be more likely to generate discussion.

As for the pool meeting, if that's what you're talking about... I think there's a discussion on the front page, below the fold.