Monday, November 02, 2009

GOTV & Election Day open forum

Polls open in less than eight hours and will be open from 6am to 8pm. I encourage you to vote and to help with the Get Out The Vote effort by encouraging your family and friends to vote. Besides the elected positions, there are referenda on the ballot.

If you do vote, please consider voting for the Republican team. I feel that a change in the composition of the Council will benefit the town.

After the polls close, the GOP will be meeting at Main Street Cafe (formerly Greenwich Coffee - near the corner of West Main, Maple and Main Street). I presume the Dems will be meeting in their headquarters on Route 10, just south of the Herald.

I'm cautiously optimistic of a victory in the fourth, as well as a GOP victory on the Council. But we'll need your help. So I again encourage you to vote.

Any thoughts on Election Day?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim - good luck tomorrow. You've got my vote & I've convinced my wife (a registered democrat) to vote the entire republican ticket tomorrow at Norton. Time for a MUCH needed change.

Contoured Views said...

Tim, I wish you and the rest of the Republican ticket luck.
Hopefully this town will see how this current majority has their own agenda that isn't in the best interest of this town. It is in granting sweetheart deals (i.e. Boiler contracts, teacher contracts, $10 Easements, etc) to their cronies while not taking into account the publics wishes.
Be careful or this town will be footing the bill for turf if the majority continues.

Get out and vote and tell the majority we are tired of their carefree spending.

Anonymous said...

Will this blog continue when you lose the election?

avon blvd said...

Tim, we voted early. Looking forward to your continued service on the council and via this blog. Also looking forward to an improved town council! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey flip-flop (Tim)
You said you want to "end the relentless, wasteful hiring of consultants", yet the only thing you want to do with the police problem is hire outsiders to suggest how to fix the problem.

Is this political double-talk? Are you only telling the voters what they want to hear? Do you really understand what you are doing on the council?

Smarten up people, Tim is no better than the people he bad mouths here. Voters really need to look at the candidates individually instead of voting for who they are told to.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:32 - hang it up, you're finished.

The Milone/Zullo/Michelangelo reign of corruption is over; Cheshire is no longer their personal fiefdom. Beginning today, the new democratically elected council majority begins to reassert its proper authority over your unelected clique.

Anonymous said...

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
A. Lincoln

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous posters who trash Tim, at least have the guts to put your name on it when you criticize someone.

Aaron B.

Anonymous said...

Just to mention, after movign from Cheshire nearly a year ago and living in a wonderful town in anotehr state, how poorly Cheshire is run is incredibly apparent. Cheshire needs new leadership and anew town manager. Tim has been the voice or reason his entire time on the council. I am just sorry I wont be there to vote for him. Good Luck Tim!

Aaron B

Anonymous said...

"After the polls close, the GOP will be meeting at Main Street Cafe (formerly Greenwich Coffee - near the corner of West Main, Maple and Main Street). I presume the Dems will be meeting in their headquarters on Route 10, just south of the Herald."

Funny... they have a Mike Evans support sign in their front yard.

Anonymous said...

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