Thursday, November 05, 2009

Council composition not yet decided

The Council composition has certainly changed - for the better. But I understand that the recount between Sylvia Nichols and Anne Giddings is still not final. I understand there were some miscounts in the Registrar's office.

The final count should be completed by tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned.

Keep in mind that this recount is not expected to impact any other races.

Tim White

UPDATE: Turmelle explains here.


Anonymous said...

Sylvia or Anne will be great council members.
Next time around, we get them BOTH elected.

Tim White said...

They were both elected. The sad thing is that they won't both be seated. :(

Anonymous said...

The election took place on Tuesday. It was automated and computerized. It's not like Cheshire has 50,000 votes to count.

Why does it take until the end of the week to get a vote count which everyone can live with?

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible that some voters did not mark their ballot properly and put a dot or checkmark instead of completely filling in the oval?

It really doesn't make any sense to Ecke, who lost, get seated.

Anonymous said...

The town Charter says, "no more than seven (7) Council members shall be from the same political party."

My question is, why couldn't Anne or Sylvia (whichever is to be bumped out by Ecke) resign her Republican registration and be seated as an independent?

Anonymous said...

I believe she would have had to be elected as an independent. She can't change to get around the charter.

I agree, she would be much better than Ecke. Ecke and Adinolfi sound like they don't even want to be on the council. Guess what, we don't want you there either, but we are stuck. So go and do your job and quit complaining. You had yor 2 years of ridiculous spending and shutting down anything the republicans brought to the table, now it's your turn to sit and watch.

Anonymous said...

Dear Contoured Views,

I do not know who you are, but I have greatly appreciated your commentaries during the past months, and I’m sure many feel the same.

Your perspectives have been most insightful and well articulated. Hope you won’t be a stranger to these pages.

Girl 69er said...

Dear Contorted View: now we will go to the only blog that will tell us the truth underground town hall.

Anonymous said...

The travesty is that either Anne or Sylvia has to give up a seat to Ecke who did not legitimately win it. You all know that if the shoe was on the other foot, the dems would be suing to change the town charter to allow an 8-1, if not 9-0, majority representation. Does anyone think THEY would give up a seat so easily? I think not.

Contoured Views said...

Girl 69er

Nothing like a poor, when do you make good on the bet?

You think the Underground Town Hall is the place to get the truth? Perhaps you aren't reading this clearly, there is nothing but truth here, except when you make foolish bets.

The UTH offers a different perspective on things, but it seems like one day it is in business and one day it isn't then they start it up again. This blog is constant and Tim provides the information one needs to make their own decisions on the topics that effect this town.

We look forward to hearing from you in 2 years when you try to offer your ridiculous predictions, until then, have a good life.

Contoured Views said...

Thank you for the kind words.
I have been an annonymous writer on this blog for a couple of years, but decided to let people know that the same person is writing certain comments.

I have a lot of faith in Tim and the work he is doing here. He, in my opinion, is one of the main reasons the republicans had a landslide victory on Tuesday. Both the dems and republicans monitor this site and they know how important it is to our community.

This blog gives those of us who must keep our true identities private for a variety of reasons, a voice.

The majority of the anonymous posts here are thought provoking and show good insight.

I will continue to monitor this blog for as long as Tim continues it.

Thanks again.

Girl 69er said...

Dear Contoured View: I will send the gift certificate to Tim White who can pass it along to you whoever you are may be knows. And the republicans are one sided.

Anonymous said...

And the recount results are....

Anne Giddings on council said...

According to the Cheshire Herald on-line Friday, ANNE GIDDINGS edged out Sylvia Nichols in the recount.

Anonymous said...

If the figures are correct Justin Adinolfi won a seat by 11 votes. He would have been seated anyway but it really shows that Cheshire voters made a firm statement on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

OK Reps,

You have secured a mandate-sized margin of victory. Don’t get sucked into the p---ing contest, and let’s get to work. National figures may be granted the pass of forever blaming past administrations … you don’t! Your political capital (whatever that means) won’t last very long in this economic climate. We have a lot of great people in this town from across the political spectrum. Let’s find a way to leverage those resources in a manner that makes this town even better than the place we all chose to live.

Btw, it seems the political signs have largely been removed faster this year than any that I can recall. My thanks to all that made that happen!

“You do not lead by hitting people over the head – that’s assault, not leadership.” -- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Anonymous said...

At least by the Dems losing their seats to the Reps, the town doesn't have to consider buying new council chairs. Their spending practices are not the only thing that is oversized. The town is already saving money!