Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Norton results as an indicator

I don't have the complete results yet, but Norton is an indicator.

Based on the Norton results:

Slocum - 840
Giddings - 743
Ecke - 739
Sima - 707
Altieri - 682
Nichols - 681

and my victory (about 1100 to 700)...

and an initial report of Dill edging Schrumm by only five votes (recount would be required and absentees could swing the 1st easily)...

and my long held belief that Ruocco would win easily...

if Falvey wins in the 3rd... it may be a 6-3 GOP majority... though a 7-2 majority is not out of the question. But again... this is based only on Norton results.

I thank all of you for your support. And for the record... one of the Council members who won tonight credited this blog with having helped moved the debate... that means all of you helped make change happen.

Thank you!

Now off to Main Street Cafe...

Tim White


Contoured Views said...

Congrats Tim...I'm glad this town saw through all the BS the the Dems tried as one last ditch effort.

Anonymous said...

Crap... Another 2 years of Tim.

Contoured Views said...

You should consider yourself lucky to have 2 more years of Tim. The alternative was 2 years of reckless spending.

Anonymous said...

Republican win commanding control of the council 7-2....a complete repudiation of the disaster that was Democratic control. The rein of error is over....it will be interesting to see how Mr. Milone deals with this. And thank goodness, you can kiss the Turf goodbye and endless indecision with the pool and other messes the Dems left the town with the last couple years....

Anonymous said...

Latest Headlines
Republicans win Cheshire council 7-2 9:45 p.m.
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CHESHIRE - Republicans swept all four districts in the town council race Tuesday night.

David Schrumm defeated incumbent Sheldon Dill in the 1st District, Thomas Ruocco won the 2nd District, Andrew Falvey took the 3rd District and Tim White won the 4th District.

In the at-large race, Republicans Timothy Slocum, James Sima and Anne Giddings all won seats along with Democrats, Justin Adinolfi and Michael Ecke.

Anonymous said...

Republicans actually win 8-1 but have to give one seat back. All major boards now controlled by Republicans. R's also take control of BOE, hold majority on P&Z.

free at last said...

Republicans took the Council 7- 2.
Altieri, DeCaprio, and Dill are OUT!

Justin Adinolfi is the only Dem who actually won (4th place at-large).

Sylvia Nichols (5th) got more votes than Ecke (6th), but Ecke goes back because of the minority representation requirement.

"You can't fool all the people all the time."
A Lincoln

Anonymous said...

Latest Headlines
Two Republicans win Cheshire BOE 9:50 a.m.
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CHESHIRE - Republicans Anthony Perugini and Sandra Pavano won seats on the Cheshire Board of Education Tuesday night. Democrat Stephen W. Mrowka also won a seat.

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Anonymous said...

You mean we're stuck with Ecke b/c of some silly rule?? Now I'm rolling my eyes...ughhh

cedar lane said...

In a way, I'm sorry that Mr. Altieri won't be on the new council -- to serve his time in the 7-2 Purgatory which he so richly deserves.

socialism rules said...

i wonder what will happen when go wrong in cheshire who will these poster blame now themselves?

Breachway said...

Socialism rules-
I will take part of the blame if things continue on the wrong track. I voted for all Republicans except for Dunne. I usually vote 75% Dems and 25% Republican. people knock Tim for the blog, but it really is the only place to get the real scoop on things...I am sure Giddings and Perugini benefited from their commenting on this blog....