Friday, November 06, 2009

Mike Dickinson - Eagle Scout

Tonight I had the privilege of attending the Eagle Scout ceremony of Troop 1's Mike Dickinson.

I was in Uncle Barney's Troop 90 and made it to Star Scout. Making it to Eagle is a great achievement.

I congratulate Mike on his achievement.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim: Were you also an OA member?

Tim White said...

Order of the Arrow?

Anonymous said...

Yes just wondering-

Tim White said...

I don't recall with absolute certainty, but am pretty sure that I was. I love Scouts, but haven't been involved in years and don't recall which awards / badges I earned - with the exceptions of Star and walking the Freedom Trail (a great memory of mine).

Not having strived for Eagle is a personal disappointment to me looking back. But I love to see kids get there. It really is a great achievement.

Kichkinet said...

I am in my mid-40s.

The Scout Oath & Motto, as well as the watchwords of the Order of the Arrow, continue to be the guiding principles of my life.

It is not the rank you hold/held, but by the example you set that defines both your character and the aim of the Scouting program.

"... have I kept my honor bright,
can I guiltless sleep tonight."