Saturday, October 31, 2009

I ask for your trust and your vote on Tuesday

Thank you for the privilege of serving you on the Town Council.

During the last two years, I've successfully pushed the Council to:

* restrict the use of the nearly two dozen town take-home vehicles [1];

* modernize the town's pension system to avoid future liabilities [2];

* consider performance contracting to save taxpayers' money, conserve energy and make needed infrastructure improvements to our aging schools [3]; and

* add video of Council meetings to the town website [4].

However, I've also been frustrated by the lack of progress on other issues.

If re-elected, I will continue to push the Council to:

* deal with the Town's failed management, including in public works;

* address low employee morale, especially
the police department crisis;

* end the relentless, wasteful hiring of unnecessary consultants [5];

* solve and move past the pool bubble [6]

* set priorities in spending; and

* eliminate favors for
moneyed interests.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 3, so I can continue to work for accountability, transparency, good services, responsible spending, and real solutions to the problems facing our town.

Tim White

[1] see me investigating the practice and getting results
[2] see a history here, progress here, and action here
[3] see a history here and progress here
[4] here is
the initial idea, my continued advocacy and a bi-partisan success!
[5] i.e.
the $50,000 road consultant, the $20,000 pool consultant and the $150,000 building assessment consultant
my sincere efforts cannot find five votes because of realpolitik


Anonymous said...

you have my family's votes! (and we don't usually vote republican). things definitely need changing at town hall.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to already have my vote...along with the rest of the R's

Anonymous said...

Tim, you have my support and you would have my vote if I lived in your district.

Anonymous said...

Your asking and I'm telling,
YES, Tim and all the Reps have my vote
for a return to GOOD, HONEST GOVERNMENT.

Anonymous said...

I wish you were in my district, Tim

Anonymous said...

I hope the independent thinkers in this town get out and give the republicans a mandate-sized margin to really clean things up. I am fed up with the corruption and lack of meaningful action on the part of the council majority. Tim, I wish you lived in my district.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Tim and his blog this town would be a total disaster, but even with Tim shining a light on all the special treatment and deals that the special people get from both staff and the Democrat controlled Town Council, this town has more than most town of this size to worry about.

Thank you Tim for making Cheshire a better place.

Anonymous said...

Would have voted Republican if I didnt have to chase after my child when the elephant convoy passed my house. Really annoying that a political party sends people out blowing their horns and speeding through neighborhoods to get votes. At least the Dems are safety consious.

Anonymous said...

"At least the Dems are safety consious."

If the dems were truly safety conscious they would resolve the police union's vote of no confidence ASAP instead of letting it linger, let alone letting it get out of hand and allowing it to arrive at vote of no confidence to begin with.

I'll take the elephant over irresponsible leadership any day.

Anonymous said...

According to Tim, the issue is more than 18 months old. It cannot be solved in a day. If it took the police 18 months to finally say something, than it appears to be a tolerable inconvienience. Kind of like a paper cut, hurts, but will not kill you.

Contoured Views said...

"Would have voted Republican if I didnt have to chase after my child when the elephant convoy passed my house."
It is people like you who are responsible for putting the current majority into office, thus causing the mess we are in.
Perhaps you really should look closely at the candidates and what they stand for instead of making decisons based on an elephant speeding down your street.

The Cheshire Herald was totally out of line when they said that Tim's blog is the reason for the antagonism on the council. They prefer to look at who caused the sides to be at odds then what the real issues are.
Do any of them writing these editorials actually live in this town? Do they pay attention to what is going on?
Do they realize that long before the blog there was still disagreements and council members took sides?
This blog has been one of the best places for someone living in this town to get the real information as to what is going on.
We all owe a debt of gratitude to Tim for reminding the others on the council that they are there for us, not for their own special interests. Tim has given this town and those of us who read this blog a place to voice our opinions. He has given us the information that we need to see if those we elected are watching out for us, the tax payers. Unfortunately, this current majority isn't.
I sure hope Tim's district will see the value in having him represent this town and bring him back for another term.

Anonymous said...

I beleive the Herald is annoyed by the debate Tim's blog generates. Reading the Herald is like reading "My Weekly Reader"
Good Luck, Tim....

Anonymous said...

The Cheshire Herald is in the newspaper business to make money, therefore that is it's main purpose and it overlooks many aspects of what we expect from a newpaper.

Meeting the demands of its advertisers is very important and it results in bias news coverage, taking sides with the special interests, overlooking stories that might embarass, giving preferential treatment, adopting the political views and supporting the financial interests of the special interests, representing the special interests over those of the community..........

In contrast, we have Tim White's blog that has no financial interest driving the content and providing information that the Herald would not dare to print. Sure there are some irresponsible comments put on the blog by readers, which you must question, but in total this is a real service to the community and threatens the special interests who want Cheshire to be their private ATM.

Contoured Views said...

I cannot believe that Cheshire Youth Baseball and Cheshire Youth Football in this town is actually telling the parents who to vote for on Tuesday.
Just got this mass email tonight:

"Dear Parents:

We would like to make you all aware of an important topic that has received much discussion of late and is very important to Cheshire Junior Football and Cheerleading (CJF). The Turf Field at Cheshire High School.

As you know, CJF has only one complex at which we are able to play our games; Cheshire High School. Our use of the game field is very limited due to its poor condition and the fact that high school programs take precedence over us. The natural grass game field has been steadily deteriorating over the years as more and more events are hosted on the field, many of which have know where else to go. The field simply cannot handle the number of events played on it. As a result, CJF is forced to play many of our games on the adjacent practice field which is in deplorable condition and sometimes virtually unplayable. One solution to this lack of viable field space is the installation of an artificial turf field (Turf) at the high school complex, replacing the current natural grass field. The installation of Turf at the high school complex will provide for substantially more usage without concern for field conditions or weather. Some of these uses are football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, band, graduation, community events, relay for life, and yes, a safe and viable place for CJF to host its home games. A place we can be proud of. A Turf field can even be used in the winter months after snow removal. Many towns are currently playing on Turf fields and are experiencing very positive results.

Cheshire is very fortunate. Through the hard work of a few people, Cheshire has been given a Grant in the amount of $525,000 by the State of Connecticut specifically for improvements to and installation of Turf at the high school game field. This amount goes a long way to getting this field built which is estimated to cost between $600,000 and $750,000, depending on field choice and company. The balance will hopefully be raised privately providing for little or no cost to local taxpayers. This would be a huge improvement of facilities available to CJF and will benefit our program immensely. Although this issue has become a bit of a political hotbed, we truly believe that the installation of an artificial turf field at the high school complex will drastically improve playing conditions for CJF players and cheerleaders and will be instrumental to our success into the foreseeable future.

We understand that the following individuals running for election on Tuesday are supportive of this effort. If you believe in the Turf project, please consider a vote for the following Turf supporters:

Board of Education:
Bob Behrer

Town Counsel:
Justin Adinolfi -At Large
Matt Altieri - At Large
Michael Ecke - At Large
Kerrie Dunne - At Large

Sheldon Dill - 1st District
Matt Bowman - 2nd District
Laura DiCaprio -3rd District
Peter Talbot - 4th District"

There you have it, the ones who, if elected, will cost this town a whole lot of money.

Since when did kids sports become so political that the heads of these organizations are telling the parents who to vote for?

It's too bad they are't telling the truth about replacement costs and maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Re Turf:

Let's make a deal. Pass the proposal for the top price $750K for installation and 10 years upkeep. Anything below that, the dems pocket. Anything over that, they PERSONALLY pay!

Anonymous said...

As the mom of a child who participates in Cheshire Youth Baseball, I strongly object to their blatantly partisan endorsement of political candidates.

Who authorized this endorsement? I pay big fees, and no one consulted me about this.

Why did they endorse only Democrats when several Republican candidates have given qualified support for the turf?

And are federally tax-exempt organizations even supposed to make political endorsements?

Good questions for the IRS and other youth sports parents.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me which Republicians have given their support to the turf? I never heard of such a thing. I got that e-mail and it is not telling you how to vote it is simply informing you of who supports the turf. It states that if you support the turf to consider voting for those who support the turf. It has nothing to do with the big bucks you put out!

Contoured Views said...


"Informing us" is their way of telling us who we should vote for. The issue is that we pay to have our children participate in these leagues. We don't need them getting political on us. This is an issue that they should fight privately if they wish without voicing their opinions on the rest of us.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who will get this email and vote for these candidates because they aren't better informed. That is a problem with a lot of people in this town.

Why isn't CJF telling the parents the real costs involved in putting this turf in? What about when Bob Behrer stated that we would have to put aside $70,000 a year to cover the cost of the replacement in 8 years? Why not tell the costs of maintaining the field. The 500 tons of crushed rubber that has to go on the field each year (who knows where the old stuff goes), the equipment needed to groom the field, the disinfectants, the special line painting machines, and the other items needed.
They only discuss the installing costs (which I know they are low balling to convince the town to go for it, just like they did for the pool).

Political viewpoints should not be passed off to parents of children involved in these leagues.

Anonymous said...

How much have we saved by parking these vehicles?
(could make employees upset)

How many other depts. have low employee moral?

Is it true that the pension no longer has a survivor benefit?
(could make employees upset)

How does considering an action prove anything? Why couldnt you get it passed?

It took 2 years to add video? Doesnt that take about 5 minutes of work?

Who has failed in town management? Especially public works?

P.D. is not a crisis until the officers refuse to work. Then we can fire them and arrest them for public endangerment.

Doesnt the council hire these wasteful consultants?

Republicans and Democrats have not listened to the public about the pool since it was built. Why would that change now?

Anonymous said...

Republicians who have given their support to the turf...

Andy Falvey (R-3) and several BOE members and candidates, pending firm answers on longterm costs, health issues, etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:33 - hang it up, you're finished.

The Milone/Zullo/Michelangelo reign of corruption is over; Cheshire is no longer their personal fiefdom. Beginning today, the new democratically elected council majority begins to reassert its proper authority over your unelected clique.

Anonymous said...

"please consider a vote for the following Turf supporters:"


Anonymous said...

Who sent that email?!? They deserve an award for sending out the kiss of death. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe CJF actually sent out the letter which was paraphrased on this blog. It was one of the most STUPID things I have ever read associated with any youth sports activity and I've read plenty of this stuff over the years which followed my kids home.

If CJF did in fact send this stuff out maybe the town should take over all concession stands on town playing fields. Clearly ALL town voters should be the direct beneficiaries of any profits derived from the sale of food and drinks at playing fields, not some supposedly volunteer organization which seems to have secret political dreams.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Who sent that email?!? They deserve an award for sending out the kiss of death. LOL.

November 04, 2009 11:09 AM

Probably was Oris. He was the one who sent the email rallying his troops (which turned out to be mostly coaches) to show up at the TC meeting when the R's made the resolution to redirect the $525,000 grant.

I agree - it was the kiss of death. Hahaha I think he's hit his head one too many times in the past.