Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rell considers prison use, could impact Cheshire

The NHRs Luther Turmelle reports:

Cheshire officials are nervous that a request by Gov. M. Jodi Rell to have the state Department of Correction review the feasibility of consolidating some facilities could mean more prisoners in town.

Rell told DOC officials Friday that she wants acting Commissioner Brian K. Murphy to report back to her by Nov. 27 on whether a prison can be closed “with the safety of staff, the public and the inmates as a priority.”

Keep in mind that Cheshire's "north block" is vacant. So a shifting of prisoners could mean that Cheshire's 500 or so empty beds in the north block could become filled.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Let them fill up the North Block--just don't let them build ANY other buildings? Judd

Anonymous said...

What are the additional costs to the town? Mainly sewage upgrades? Fine, as long as the state adequately compensates the town.

(Sorry, Ms. Esty, need MORE violent criminals locked up for life, not fewer).

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure of the numbers on prison population as of today, but I do know someone who worked at the Newtown prison a couple years ago and they said it was so crowded prisoners had to sleep on the gym floor. Not that I care where they sleep, but my point is is that overcrowding creates more of a danger to the correction officers. And maybe some don't realize this, but correction officers have no means of protecting themselves (no guns, no tasers)and there are often physical confrontations that cause injuries to the officers.
If they close a prison it will likely create overcrowding in another prison - that's not a good thing.