Saturday, November 21, 2009

Move along, move along...

At Tuesday's Turf meeting, I asked to know the criteria used to priortize the allocation of Hartford's annual $36,000,000 slush fund discretionary fund. Though my question was for State Rep. Mary Fritz, BOE member Bob Behrer also weighed in by saying "it has moved to the next phase."

It would've been truly priceless if the words chosen were "it has moved along to the next phase."

FWIW, I like Bob and thought he did a pretty good job on the BOE. For example, I recall him last year at a Council meeting voicing his opinion that the teachers' contract was too big. But I do disagree with him (and most of Cheshire's elected Dems) for effectively giving Mary a free pass on explaining the slush funds discretionary funds in Hartford.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

He may have voiced his opinion about the teachers' contract during the budget deliberations, but he still voted in favor of the budget. He could have really made a stand and voted against the budget stating his dissatisfaction with the teachers' union being his reason.