Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yankee Institute fighting for transparency in Hartford

CT's conservative think tank, Yankee Institute, is being showcased by the WRAs David Krechevsky:

If you've ever wondered how the state spends every last penny of your tax dollars, the Yankee Institute for Public Policy will soon show you.

Fergus Cullen, executive director of the conservative think tank based on the Trinity College campus in Hartford, said Tuesday his organization is developing, a Web site that will make "every line-item of state spending" available to the general public.

That's great. With increased transparency, maybe now we can learn where exactly the "amorphous" annual $36,000,000 slush fund annual $36,000,000 discretionary fund exists within the budget.

Tim White


Contoured Views said...

We can also see where the $525K in turf money is coming from.

I bet when the turf supporters see that the state really doesn't have the money but has to borrow it, they won't care.

Will they ever realize that the money eventually comes out of our pockets? Perhaps they all have deep ones, mine aren't that deep.

Breachway said...

Too bad it takes a 3rd party to let us know how they are spending our money. God forbid we have full disclosure. Right about the turf folks not caring that we have to borrow the $525k to make the grant. They are ready to have the TC "borrow the balance" from the taxpayers to make up any differences....after they complete their annual fundraising of course.

mcjk said...


Interesting observation about the third party. Goes to show that both Republicans and Democrats are complicit in our current situation. They both claim fiscal responsibility but in reality just spend more money than we have on their own interests.

CView, what suprises me more is how people say we are such a great country and rich country. We are the biggest debtor nation. We are no longer the entrepreneurial/capitalistic society that we once were; where hard work to succeed was the standard. Now socialism rules the day and people think this is such a great thing.