Sunday, November 29, 2009

Peter Schiff (R - Senate) in Woodbury, CT

Here's a November 19 video of Peter Schiff, US Senate candidate.

If you're interested in speaking directly with him, he'll be at the Hamden RTC meeting on Thursday December 3 at the Hamden Senior Center.

Tim White


mcjk said...

The thing I love about Peter Schiff is that he will provide common sense detailed answers to questions and it is not politician speak. To think that the WWF lady is out polling him; I cant find the words to describe it.

Thanks Sam C. for dropping out so Tim now supports him and will spread his message.

tim white said...


tim white said...

I may try to get to the Dec 3 Hamden RTC meeting to meet him.

I spoke with him for about five minutes last January, but that's the extent of my contact with him.

I also may pop by his campaign HQ after it opens tomorrow.

I still have serious doubts that he could win the GOP nomination. But I also firmly believe he could shift the debate - or at least force a debate on monetary policy to occur.