Monday, November 30, 2009

Likely committee liaison assignments

This is probably a pretty good idea of what to expect when the "unofficial" Chairman of the 20th Council announces his liaison assignments to the various boards / commissions / committees:

Beautification - Michael Ecke
BOE - Andy Falvey
Cable Advisory - Tom Ruocco
Economic Development - David Schrumm
Energy - Tim White
Environment - Anne Giddings
Hist. District Commission - Anne Giddings
Housing Authority - Anne Giddings
Human Services - Justin Adinolfi
Inland Wetlands - Justin Adinolfi
Library Board - Andy Falvey
Park & Rec - Tom Ruocco
Performing Arts - Michael Ecke
Public Building Commission - Jim Sima
Public Safety - Andy Falvey
Prison Advisory - Jim Sima
PZC - Jim Sima
Retirement Board - Tim White
WPCA - David Schrumm
Youth Services - Justin Adinolfi

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Planning and Zoning Commissioner Mickey McPhee passed away early this morning from complications from double pneumonia and swine flu.

He had been hospitalized for over a month is a chemically induced coma to control the virus's.

Arrangements are forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Ecke on "Beautification"? Now that'a an eye roller for sure.

Anonymous said...

poor Mike Ecke. he wanted to be mayor, but now he's liaison to the beautification committee. heck, he wasn't even elected to the council.

Anonymous said...

The deal was that Justin Adinolfi ran and only ran if he would be mayor based on Dem victory. Now he has to spend two years in the minority, a far cry from the plan.