Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Prayer of Thanksgiving by Fr Mychal Judge

Thank You, Lord, for life. Thank You for love.
Thank You for goodness. Thank You for work.
Thank You for family. Thank You for friends.
Thank You for every gift because we know
that every gift comes from You,
and without You, we have and are nothing.

As we celebrate this day of thanksgiving to You,
keep our hearts and minds open. Let us enjoy
each other's company, and most of all, let us be
conscious of Your presence in our lives, and
in a special way, in the lives of those who have
gone before us. Thank You, God, for life.

(spoken by Fr. Mychal Judge during his Last Homily on Sept. 10, 2001 at the dedication of a new firehouse in NYC)

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Anonymous said...

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

We should all take some time today to thank someone for what they do, especially someone we take for granted. Tell them while they're still alive.