Saturday, November 21, 2009

Senator Gregg - Thanks for retiring! We don't need you.

I'm thankful America is getting rid of another member of Washington's Political Class. We need to expunge the swamp of them, particularly those who equate Congressman Ron Paul's actions to pandering. I mean, Senator Gregg has got to be kidding me if he thinks Ron Paul is going to bother pandering to anyone.

From the website of Senator Judd Gregg (Political Class - NH):

Senator Gregg stated, “Yesterday’s passage of the Paul Amendment by the House Financial Services Committee is a dangerous move by this Congress to pander to the populist anger currently directed against our central bank, the Federal Reserve. The Fed’s very public role in combating the financial crisis has heightened interest in and criticism of this vital institution. But, make no mistake; this move to bring the Fed’s conduct of monetary policy under the control of Congress is a grave threat to our economy. Congress has demonstrated time and again its inability to manage the nation’s fiscal policy, illustrated by our staggering national debt in excess of 12 trillion dollars, so how can anyone think that its involvement in monetary policy would be good for the country?”

So Senator Gregg believes that since he and his 99 cohorts have failed America on fiscal policy... then we shouldn't trust the Gang of 100 with monetary policy?

Three points:

1) The Paul Amendment (HR 1207 - Audit the Fed) does absolutely nothing to impact monetary policy. But that's just more lies being spewed by The Political Class.

2) Perhaps instead of accepting defeat, you could fight for good government? Oh no... you can't do that. After all, your Political Class colleagues would then close that increasingly lucrative revolving door that promises you millions of dollars after you leave office. And you can't have that. Nope. You'd rather complain about spending (how much complaining did you do during the Bush years?), then conflate your own fiscal failures with a straightforward good government effort by Dr. Ron Paul... no doubt an effort that will reap you huge rewards in your retirement.

3) Congressman Paul has been introducing HR 1207 to Congress every year for about three decades now. He doesn't pander. He says what he believes. Even Barney Frank had the decency to acknowledge this fact when he flip flopped on Dr. Paul yesterday and supported the anti-transparency Watt Amendment in the House Financial Services Committee.

Then on top of all that, Senator Gregg has the audacity to invoke a Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, and begin discussing central banking (defending the existence of the Fed) without acknowledging the problems of money growing on trees fiat money. Senator Gregg's words do a disservice to the American public.

This is the problem I have with Washington Republicans. Most of them leave me feeling that they are there for themselves... and they're a bunch of hypocrites... just like most of the Democrats.

They all just need to go. And I'm grateful that Senator Gregg is making his departure sooner, rather than later.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

I think the bailouts themselves are the greatest threat to Fed indepedence. I've yet to see a compelling argument why the Fed deserves to be giving more secrecy than our spy agencies.