Thursday, November 05, 2009

Next week's meetings

Monday November 9 - Personnel Committee

You can expect to see at least a few of Cheshire's finest there.

Tuesday November 10 - Regular Council Meeting

I'll get the agenda for this lame duck session tomorrow. I understand it may include a budget request related to the bus contract.

Thursday November 12 - Budget Committee / Special Council Meeting

The Artificial Turf report is to be presented.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Could the lame duck majority try to do something - like put out a contract for turf - which would be irreversible by the incoming council? Or could the incoming council reverse anything the old council does?

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the Turfheads would dare to put out a contract in a lame duck session.

The voters gave a resonding no vote against turf and other non-essential wastes of money. If they try, the voters will remember them and they will again get creamed in future elections.

Anonymous said...

9:27 is right that there would be an uproar if the lame ducks tried to push through the turf or other such shenanigans. The moral and honorable thing is to respect the will of the voters.

Still, don’t put it beyond Altieri to try. He may figure two years is a long way off. The R caucus is well advised to brush up on parliamentary rules to stall any such action.

Anonymous said...

Wait, doesn't the turf proposal have to get passed by the BOE before it goes to the TC? The next BOE business meeting is 11/19 and I'd expect it would be presented there , FIRST and FOREMOST, for a vote by the BOE. Something fishy is going on here.

Anonymous said...

10:49 is right. The Boe has yet to put their stamp of approval on the turf. If the dems try to pass something at the council meeting it should be tossed out. In fact it shouldn't even be on the agenda since the Boe hasn't even heard the final report nor have they officially taken a vote on anything to do with the turf.

A Cheshire Resident said...

Turf is not a bad idea but cost to replace is high and replacement is needed in a short time. Tim, would you lead an effort to install a second grass field. The overuse and poor weather on our one field does cause poor field conditions. Some action is needed; We need your leadership on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you lead the effort to redo the grass field? Bring your idea before the new council and have some solid facts to go along with it.
The council is likely to be busy cleaning up the mess left behind.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how CHS football game for tonight was postponed supposedly because of flu/illness among players.
If West Haven wanted to postpone a game, do you think Cheshire would say OK, or would we say sorry, I guess you forfeit the game.

Anonymous said...

No turf, make the pool summer only, rid the town hall of self-serving, ineffective system abusers, eliminate the majority of town provided cars the abusers have, utilize all departments and staff to their capacity by providing good, honorable, professional and fair leadership and we will all be better served. The remaining town employees will again have pride in their work and hopefully, be recognized for their achievements rather than for participating in covering each others absences from work - yep during working hours. Perhaps a system that would allow current employees to discuss these issues in detail without fear of ramifications would be useful. LZ doesn't have the professionalism to manage this appropriately so cannot be involved or even have access to the data or process. In fact, any member of the Branford/Guilford "gang" must not be involved. Retaliation currently reins so the truth cannot be told if these folks are involved. Many employees have a lot to say that would be very enlightening and disappointing. Guess the Democrats just had their parade rained on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46: It all sounds like a good program! Every point.

Taxpayers will be paying through the nose for the 13% teachers raise, so there is little room for any other increased spending.

(1) Make the pool summer-only for now, then revisit a permanent structure if and when times improve.

(2) Strongly push Fritz and Esty to get the turf grant redirected to repair the boys locker room. If they come up with excuses why they can't, they're ignoring the overwhelming will of the voters and not doing their job.

Anonymous said...

You are correct about the pay raise and I agree with the pool being summer only.

We would look like fools to "threaten" our representitives positions because of this grant. The wording that we accepted based on our request was for a turf playing field. We, the council and residents of Cheshire, should ask if the grant can be redirected and if not, sit on it. Lets wait for the economy to get better and revisit this. Kids have played on real grass for thousands of years. A few more years will not kill them.

Anonymous said...

11:16 a.m. CT is almost a billion dollars short so far for the current state budget cycle. State-wide things are only going to get a lot worse financially. The town should give back the $525 thousand to be used to reduce the state budget deficit and as an added bonus the money the town would not spend associated with the turf can be used to help pay for the ridiculously massive 13% teachers pay raises.

Anonymous said...

Lets wait for the economy to get better and revisit this. Kids have played on real grass for thousands of years. A few more years will not kill them.

November 07, 2009 11:16 AM

But a turf field might.

GOP HATER said...

the department with the most take home cars is your cop pals on highland avenue but that is ok they can keep their cars right?