Saturday, November 07, 2009

Anne Giddings will join the Council

The final numbers are tallied and Anne Giddings will be seated on the 7-2 GOP Council.

And if history is an indication of when the new Council takes office, you can expect the following:

Sunday, December 6 - Elected officials take oath of office

Monday, December 7 - Council organizational meeting chaired by Carolyn Soltis, new Chair is elected

Tuesday, December 8 - First regular meeting of new the Council

Anyone have any thoughts on the selection of a Chairman? How about Committee assignments?

Tim White


RTC member said...

The GOP caucus needs to choose the Mayor/chair in the context of choosing its overall leadership team.

My thoughts on who is best suited to lead the two most important committees:


Personnel: RUOCCO
(the Personnel chair will be the lead man for dealing with the TM, DPW, and CPD messes).

Which leaves as the best candidates for

As I said previously, I think the Mayor/Chair needs to be a facilitator and 'positive' public face for the town and party, more than an 'activist'.

Schrumm is better suited to be Budget chair, and White is better suited to be the pointman on energy, performance contracting, and solving the pool, and to make significant contributions to Budget & Personnel.

Anonymous said...

Anne Giddings will have her hands full just learning the ropes and getting up to speed on many, many issues. It would be terribly unfair to ask her to also step into the role of Chair.

Anonymous said...

Jim Sima is the best choice for chair.

Anonymous said...

Tim you are the longest serving member it should be you. I hope you push for it. Without you they would be lost.

Anonymous said...

Sima or Slocum?

I agree with the criteria presented by RTC Member, above, and also that Anne G is probably not ready to be Chair.

Either Jimmy Sima or Tim Slocum should be Chair. They are not controversial, and either would present the best public face for the party. Both are decent, honest, and approachable straight shooters.

So which one of these “nice guys” should be Chair? The next thing I’d look for is: which one will also be able to play hardball in reining in the TM, firing Zullo, and dealing with Michelangelo and the PD situation?

Anonymous said...

Local Non-Profit organizations, violated the IRS code for 501(C)3 organizations; they committed a criminal offense and should lose their tax exemption. They should not apologize to the public but should notify the IRS of what they did; and ask to be given another chance. We the Taxpayers are paying for their illegal endorsement of political candidates for office. Why aren’t town officials, the town clerk, and election officials reporting this complete disregard to the IRS?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure its the job of town officials to report these violations to the IRS, but Im sure any citizen can report it. Just be prepared to give your name and provide the proof (copies of their partisan endorsements) when you write or call.

GOP HATER said...

all people who care about fairness and honesty should boycott the town council meetings for the next two years. this is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

to GOP Hater:
The new council was elected overwhelmingly by the people. Who elected you?

PS: It's not mentally healthy to hate, and very often irrational hatred is a transference- projection of unresolved issues.

Anonymous said...

What is unfair or dishonest about people voting for the person they want to represent them in office.

GOP HATER said...

To 7:15 hatred is what got the human race most things in this world like the united states of america civil rights womens right to vote hatred of evil wrongs against humanity sometimes hatred is good even the bible says there is a time for love and a time for hate.

Girl 69er said...

it wasn't all the people that is why. the republicans called people on the phone and scared them they told them lies and distorted the truth that is what the gop does all the time lies and distortion every word that comes out of this town councils mouth will be scrutinzed

Anonymous said...

To GOP Hater,

You sound off; like Ecke at a council meeting,arrogant and disrespectful

GOP Lover said...

I move that the rest of us just
ignore the crazies on this board.

Anonymous said...

How to report IRS violations Anonymously, such as illegal endorsements of candidates,,id=106778,00.html

Anonymous said...

To GOP HATER: Council meetings are not well attended except when something pertains to sports or teachers. So, it will be the same when the GOP taker their seats. Everybody comes out of the woodwork for their own special agendas. Let's hope that many more people will pay attention to what is going on and start to attend and watch on TV. Let your voices be heard!!.

GOP HATER said...

oh GOP LOVER you are so phony when you don't like what you hear you make fun of it. Rot in hell GOP

Anonymous said...

I agree, we should ignore the crazies on these pages. They contribute little more here than they do when they wander the streets of Cheshire yelling and screaming.

Anonymous said...

How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax laws, you may report this activity by completing Form 3949-A. You may fill out Form 3949-A online, print it and mail it to:

Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA 93888

If you do not wish to use Form 3949-A, you may send a letter to the address above. Please include the following information, if available:

Name and address of the person you are reporting
The taxpayer identification number (social security number for an individual or employer identification number for a business)
A brief description of the alleged violation, including how you became aware of or obtained the information
The years involved
The estimated dollar amount of any unreported income
Your name, address and daytime telephone number

Although you are not required to identify yourself, it is helpful to do so. Your identity can be kept confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions - 1.13 IRS Procedures: Reporting Fraud

Anonymous said...

GOP Hater

You one sick puppy, so worked up because this council will not give away our taxes to special interest groups.

You might ask Ecke and Mall Man Adinolfi to stay home as they only represent the special interest groups.

GOP HATER said...

Hello 12:15 who is yelling and screaming on the streets? give a name or names.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy with any of the R's as chairman They are all good people and have enough experience to do a great job.

Finally Cheshire has group of people who are smart, hardworking and will not give away the town's assets to the special interests groups.

We are in a very challenging time and it will be a difficult to be a councilor, but I know they will understand what's needed and what's nice to have.

Anonymous said...

Any of the R's would be a better chairman than what we had. But like any other job, you want to match the most suitable candidates to each job.

Budget: Schrumm or White.
Personnel: Ruocco, White, or Giddings
Chairman: Sima or Slocum