Thursday, November 12, 2009

Q Poll: The GOP primary

Ignoring Senator Dodd for the moment, I found the Quinnipiac Poll on the GOP primary interesting. (Click here, then scroll down to question #3.)

Rob Simmons leads with 28%. Linda McMahon's snazzy flyers have bumped her from nowhere to 17%. Tom Foley is at 9%. Peter Schiff is at 5%. And I have no idea how Sam Caligiuri is polling at only 4%.

The two most surprising numbers to me are Caligiuri and Foley. I don't know a thing about Foley, yet he's more than double Caligiuri. And while I recognize that Sam should have greater name ID around here... I figured he views on Roe would be gaining him more traction - in terms of a GOP Primary. Go figure.

The Q Poll also includes a trend analysis for the GOP Primary.

Tim White


mcjk said...

I don't find it surprising, but want to find it surprising it that Peter Schiff is only at 5 %. The poll revealed that the public has the economy as the number 1 issue. Seeing that Peter Schiff predicated the mess we are in, understands how we got there, and understands the way out (albeit painful), he should be much higher than he is. My thought is that voters want to believe the promises of the candidates; to believe there is some fix the goverment can do; that they can save us.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that Simmons is polling so high. People right now are really concerned and will tend to go with someone that has experience.