Monday, November 30, 2009

Dan Esty returns to Colbert

Cheshire's own Dan Esty is scheduled for a repeat performance on Colbert today. No doubt he'll get beat up, but hey... Colbert is unfair with everyone! I'm guessing the video will be online in the next day or two.

Tim White


Breachway said...

Maybe he should ask Esty why his wife voted against the death penalty when her constituents are for it....

Anonymous said...

not all her constituents!

Anonymous said...

You gotta love E. Esty. Sets a new zenith in yuppie doubletalk.

I got her fancy taxpayer-funded puff piece in the mail topday. How'd it start.

"To save money, I'm not sending routine mailings"

Which was EXACTLY what she mailed out!

Gil Linder said...

Point 1 --

As I said in my LTE several weeks ago: Esty was elected to REPRESENT her constituents ( over 60% of CT favors the death penalty, Cheshire-- over ? %, do you think it might be more? ). As she said, she voted her personal religious beliefs. This is not REPRESENTING, but acting as a TRUSTEE.

In other words, the trustee knows what's best for the voters. She is not my trustee, she is supposed to REPRESENT me.

This is a typical liberal position. Liberals know what's best, they tend to ignore the wishes of the voters. Sound familiar? Universal healthcare?

Point 2 --

Esty's "taxpayer-funded puff piece" is exactly what's wrong with government. These mailings are total garbage and a total waste of our money. They are not communications, they are , in fact , political ads. They should be eliminated.

BTW, does anyone know what this crap costs CT in total?

Anonymous said...

maybe breachway should ask huckabee why he commuted the cop killers 94 year sentence