Thursday, November 19, 2009

CRTC hears from the "Linda" campaign

Senate candidate Linda McMahon made her presence felt tonight at the Republican Town Committee meeting. Cheshire native, Matt Laconte, is working on her campaign and he spoke on her behalf.

He fielded questions extremely well, including my own:

What's her stance on Roe, the 2nd amendment and the Federal Reserve?

If I recall correctly, he said:

1) She's pro-choice, but opposes late-term abortions.
2) She supports the 2nd amendment.
3) No known position.

He also elaborated on 1) in relation to the Stupak amendment.

But my point was more that she should make her views known on those issues. I've gotten enough of her mailers to know that I agree with her on many issues, such as no more bailouts.

I also suggested to him that she really should take some positions on the Federal Reserve, monetary policy and banking policy. After all, Senator Dodd is the Banking Chairman. So I'm pretty sure that banking will be an issue next year.

Anyway, tonight I saw firsthand the value of being able to throw mucho dinero at an election.

Tim White


Contoured Views said...

She will have a difficult time shaking the WWE label.
This past Wednesday's Courant had an interesting article about how the former wrestler, Superstar Billy Graham, is complaining that the wrestling business has suddenly done a 360 and is cleaning up its act. They don't want it to look like Linda was the CEO of a sleazy business that exploited women, turned their heads away from steroid abuse, and encourgaed self mutilation to get real blood in the ring.
These wrestlers now have no pension and no health care, yet she spouts about running a "highly successful business".
It was successful for her and her family, but many of the older wrestlers who worked for them are in bad shape.
I think this won't run away and hide from her, no matter how much money she has.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be a 180?



Contoured Views said...

Sorry, never good with geometry..nice pick up.
Yes, it was a 180.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need - another wealthy person who thinks that they can buy the office!

Anonymous said...

She refuses to commit to running as a Republican when asked in person. She sends her press aides to say it and has never said it herself.

Consdeiring that Lowell Weicker is on the WWE Board, any question where this is going after she loses the GOP primary.

Besides, it is bit late for her to be against bailouts when the WWE gloms on to special tax credits from the State of CT.