Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gaffey on the State of CT and the economy

The MRJ ran this opinion piece by State Senator Tom Gaffey. Senator Gaffey is presently serving his eighth term representing residents of the 13th District, which includes Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield and Middletown. Here is an excerpt:

For twenty years Connecticut has experienced zero job growth. Numerous recent business stories confirm and quantify what is self-evident throughout Connecticut: economic recovery remains elusive and many residents are reeling after layoffs and laggardly job growth. New jobless claims continue to outpace new job creation.

The fallout from this threatens stability in our cities and towns. The state's official unemployment rate has climbed to 8.8 percent, less than the 10.2 percent national average but distressing nevertheless. Delinquent mortgages and foreclosures in our state hover near 7 percent, again less than the national average, but still the high water mark over the past 30 years.

It is obviously time to do things differently.

I wonder if Senator Gaffey wants to eliminate some of the bonding he champions Under the Gold Dome?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

If it is time to do things differently than maybe career politicians like Gaffey( who voted for every state budget over the past 16 years) oughta to admit their failure and quit

Anonymous said...

Gaffey speaks with forked tongue!
Gaffey, double dipped into State and Pac money and received a small fine from election enforcement. He should have been prosecuted for stealing money from the state. Of course because he is a Democrat, Bloomenthal let him get away with it.I wonder if they had an IRS investigation; as they should of, would he have been prosecuted. Gaffey pushed through almost a Billion dollar allocation for UCONN; helping out his significant other; who was the lobbyist for UCONN. This accomplishment awarded the lobbyist a nice salary increase. I expect to see Dump Gaffey signs along side Dump Dodd.
Gaffey should be in jail, his crimes were worse than Gov. Rowland or Sen. Deluca and the Dem Sen .Ernie Newton who got 5 years for stealing from his Pac. Why does Gaffey get away with it?

tim white said...

9:58 I'm pretty sure she worked for the CT State U system - as in CCSU, SCSU, etc. Not for UConn.

With regard to the double dipping, I don't think party affiliation impedes a state level investigation in anyway. As long as you work Under the Gold Dome, then no one at the state level will touch you. That's much of the reason why I've advocated the return of subpoena power to State's Attorneys... a power that was stripped decades ago because legislators were starting to feel too much heat from investigators.

What do Rowland, Deluca & Newton have in common? They were all prosecuted by the FBI. State level investigations are almost unheard of in CT because the legislature made it that way.

Anonymous said...

A. She works for CSU.
B. She was married.
C. He is guilty of fraud and should be prosecuted and still may be.
D. The people of Meriden & Middletown and Cheshire need to wake up and fix the problem or else stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

Gaffey is a wholly owned subsidiary of the state teacher's union. They will make sure nobody messes withe their "investment"