Sunday, November 15, 2009

Forget about human rights, just keep the money flowing


When President Obama visits China for the first time on Sunday, he will, in many ways, be assuming the role of profligate spender coming to pay his respects to his banker...

unlike his immediate predecessors, who publicly pushed and prodded China to follow the Western model and become more open politically and economically, Mr. Obama will be spending less time exhorting Beijing and more time reassuring it.

China wants to know how we're going to pay for the healthcare plan because they assume they'll be financing it.

Therein lies the Catch-22.*

Do you support national healthcare - financed by China - at the expense of demanding improved human rights for all?

I think the idea of healthcare for all is noble. But I don't want to further balloon the national debt at the expense of both future generations of Americans... and the loss of the moral high ground when it comes to human rights.

Tim White

* Catch-22 is one of my all-time favorite books... up there with Vonnegut. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It's funny as heck.


Anonymous said...

Obama has been in office 10 months, but he's being blamed for 8Bush years during which Bush used the Chinese to finance 1 trillion for the Iraq and his tax cut for the rich.

The R's, in Washington, defeated healthcare before and they, the financing of the healthcare industry are trying to do it again and thereby insure the uncontrolled profits of the health industy.

The people against healthcare reform, have healthcare that is paid for by someone else and they are basically saying the people who don't have healthcare are worth nothing and why should anyone care if 40,000 each year die because of their lack healthcare.

Why are some of the very same people that say they are prolife fighting to deny 40,000,000 Americans a chance of a healthy life. I think these people would feel differently if their children or grand-children lost their coverage.

A question for the religious is

Do you think your God is against treating all people fairly?

Anonymous said...

8:22 PM,

Please elaborate on how we will pay for this healthcare for all. Look at the unfunded liablity for Medicare. It is just not going to happen.

Obama has done nothing different than Bush; well he is just spending money faster. He is continuing our endless wars, have the prisoners been released from Gitmo?, continuing wiretapping of US citizens. He is still bailing out banks and big businesses.

Oh here is one of God's ten commandments:
You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor

But you shall covet your neighbors money to pay for healtcare.

Anonymous said...

"Obama has done nothing different than Bush"

Let's see, Bush started off with a surplus, sent millions of jobs to China and ended after he destroyed the economy and put the world in the worse recession since Herhert Hoover. And the same people that helped him without ever questioning his wild spending are the same ones that are conservative.

Why don't you give up your healthcare and get all the others negative "no People" to give up their's for the good of reducing the deficit? And then you and the rest of No People can worry about losing their house, their families lives and their marriages. Let's give up free education, free fire protection, free roads, government run universities. Let's go back to the dark ages.

Change your medication.

Anonymous said...

10:13 AM,

Bush baked the cake and Obama is icing it. They work in the same kitchen; try to realize it.

"Let's give up free education, free fire protection, free roads, government run universities."

Please tell me how those are free; because the goverment can tax me; take my money and pay for them they are free? Of course not, but you seem to believe that. In actuality those free things cost more money because the government is involved. Maybe to you when it is other people's money then it is free.

It is socialism that will drive us back to the dark ages and Obama is serving it up big time. Please provide one example from history where the socialism has worked?

Please get off your medication.