Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ron Paul: WSJ front page, above-the-fold!

I think this April 17 post was the first time I mentioned HR 1207 - Audit the Fed! At the time I mentioned it I had serious doubts about it actually getting traction. After all, I knew it was a shot across the bow of Washington's Political Class. I doubted too many people would see it that way, but I knew the significance of Dr. Paul's legislation.

However, if anyone was still doubting the significance of HR 1207, the doubt should have disappeared on Friday as it was the lead story of the WSJ... front page and above-the-fold:(Read the full story here.)

Dr. Paul's efforts at good government are finally paying dividends. Too bad Washington chose to wait until our economic collapse before they would even consider Dr. Paul's ideas.

Regardless, things are moving in the right direction. But I don't intend to slow down my efforts. The Senate Banking Committee Chairman, Chris Dodd (Political Class - CT), is already on the record saying he opposes an audit of the Fed. So Team Paulista is fully aware that our work is cut out for us.

And on a related CT note, I understand that Congressman Jim Himes from Greenwich was one of the 26 members opposed to the Ron Paul / Alan Grayson amendment highlighted by the WSJ. In other words, Jim Himes voted against transparency. But perhaps that should come as no surprise since he is a former employee of The Great Vampire Squid.

Tim White

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