Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slocum setting an agressive agenda for action

With the holidays upon us and some big issues facing the Town, the person to likely be the Council's next Chairman is setting an aggressive agenda.

Some key dates coming from Tim Slocum include:

Sunday 12/6 Swearing in

Monday 12/7 Organizational meeting

Tuesday 12/8 Regular meeting – Town Council

Wednesday 12/9 Joint meeting – Personnel Committee & Town Council

Thursday 12/15 – Special meeting – Town Council – Town Manager Budget Overview

I look forward to taking action on some long overdue issues.

And for anyone interested in attending the Oath of Office ceremony:

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Good luck and best wishes to Mayor Tim Slocum and the new Council!

Anonymous said...

He's got to cut the bejesus out of the budget--hope he won't cave in as I am afraid he might. I think Ruocco would have been a better coice for Mayor

Anonymous said...

I wish the new council good luck.

Tim, what committees will you be serving on?

Anonymous said...

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Bill said...

Make Shrumn the Chairman, that way he has to be a bit civil. Make Ecke Budget Committee Chair; afterall he has done this for the past 4 years. Who better to be qualified. The BOE should make Massey Budget Chair for the same reason. Now we have the start of non-partisanship. The worst thing that could happen is the Rep's make wholesale changes to Boards and Commissions just because they have control. They all speak about working together, let us see how this all works out.

Anonymous said...


cedar lane said...

Bill, what are you thinking? Schrumm is too full of himself to be mayor/chair. Tim Slocum is best to be the "face of the town," and Schrumm is better on Budget. I just hope Slocum doesn't buckle under to town management.

Ecke for Budget chair?!!! No, we did not fight this hard won election to go back to the Dems spendthrift ways.

I doubt the council will make wholesale changes to boards and commissions, but some changes are in order to reflect the will of the voters.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's go back to the last time the Repubs held a 7-2 majority. They would meet before the actual council meeting and everything was scripted and decided in advance. What minority representation???

Anonymous said...

RE: "They would meet before the actual council meeting and everything was scripted and decided in advance."

And you don't think the DEMS have been doing that for the last four years?!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:43 said: And you don't think the DEMS have been doing that for the last four years?!

Perhaps so, but in the history of Cheshire's Council/Manager form of government, the Repugnant ones had a strangle hold (majority) on the Council for about 85% of the time!

Anonymous said...

8:00 PM,
So what's your point? That it was OK for the Democrats to meet before council meetings and script and decide everything in advance?

Maybe the reason the VOTERS have made the Republicans the majority 85% of the time is because they have proven themselves more capable of running the town (which this last regime has run into the ground).

Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to change. Republicans will make decisions before the meetings, just like the Democrats did. Republicans will not listen to ideas and views of other parties or voters, just like the Democrats did. Voters will get upset with Republicans in a few years, just like they did with Democrats. In 2 years, the Republicans will be wondering "what happened?" just like the Democrats are doing now.

Unless our current leaders are willing to learn from the past errors, they will not be there long enough to warm their chairs.

Anonymous said...

Who is paying for the reception? Better not be the town unless every resident gets invited and I have not recieved an invitation

Anonymous said...

Anon 11/27 1:59 PM

Mr. Happy face.

You got your invitation from Tim along with anyone else seeing this blog. Go join the feast...donuts and coffee. They'll leave the light on for you.

Anonymous said...

hey 5:26 p.m. i;ll be in motel 6 with your wife i will leave the light on for you

Anonymous said...

I'm single. Take your wife. You'll have more fun.

Anonymous said...

Bill,if he did such a good job he would have been elected. Give me a break with Mr Massey. Do some more homework. This TC will be one of the best because they WILL LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THAT ELECTED THEM. Good luck to them.

Bill said...

The Chair of any committee does not make the decisions of the committee. The Chair's job is to run an effective meeting. By making Ecke the Chair this will require him to participate in an active manner, no sit in on meetings, say nothing until the budget suggestion is up for committee vote.

Anonymous said...

Who pays for the table of food and drink behind the desk? If tax payers bought it, than everyone should be allowed back there to get a drink. Why not move it next to the side door to not interupt business?