Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Upcoming BOE meetings 12/03

Tim White


Anonymous said...

There is also a board business meeting tomorrow, 7:30, at town hall. If they get it right, it should be aired live on channel 14.

tim white said...

I can't speak to your comment, but as a rule of thumb... Henry Chase runs Channel 14 with its particular video equipment for Council / PZC meetings.

And I think Mike Solomine (??) runs Channel 15 with its particular video equipment for BOE meetings.

The location of the meeting (Town Hall vs. Humiston) has little bearing on the channel on which the meetings are televised.

And while I haven't had cable for more than six mos, I'm still of the understanding that little has changed with regard to the relative exclusivity of the two channels and their particular meetings.

Anonymous said...

FYI: The state will be cutting the ECS grant next year by $400/student.,0,1290279.story

Why was a 4.5% salary increase for teachers such a good idea, again?

Anonymous said...

Tim, I was told that the only BOE meetings that can be aired "live" are the ones at town hall - the BOE business meetings. Mike S. supposedly utilizes the same equipment that Henry uses and thus they get aired live on channel 14. Often times as many know, audio is an issue and you may not hear what anyone says.
Other BOE meetings held at other locations are video taped and are supposed to play on channel 16 a day or so later. Often, however, they are not even on even though channel 16 may show that they're on. It's a constant problem that no one seems to care about.
Henry does a great job with his videos - it's the BOE that needs improvement.

tim white said...

Mike S. supposedly utilizes the same equipment that Henry uses

I cannot speak to this in totality. However, I can say that with regard to the equipment that is physically located in Council Chambers during videotaping, the equipment used by Henry looks different from the equipment used by Mike. Additionally, I think Mike takes his equipment home with him... but Henry leaves his stuff at Town Hall.

I'm not speaking to the ability to run meetings live... I'm just saying that there are differences between the two.

Anonymous said...

What's the latest with the turf meeting that was held 12-1? There was no update given at the boe meeting of 12-4.
Can you imagine us using the 525,000 for a turf field when the State is possibly going to cut many of the education programs, ECS funding, etc state wide. Makes no sense if the TC/BOE move forward with it.