Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MRJ on Cheshire / Covanta deal

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan offers this piece on the Cheshire / Covanta trash disposal agreement.

I think the most surprising comment I heard during the discussion came from Elizabeth Esty. Considering her long-time role in environmental issues... and her role in this new contract... I doubt CRRA is gonna be at the top of her "friendly" list when she starts crafting new legislation next month.

Btw, Donovan will be announcing leadership soon. So I imagine State Rep-elect Esty will soon be getting her committee assignments. It'll be interesting to see what she gets.

Unlike most members of the Gang of 187, I'm confident she'll add value during discussions on legislation.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

"Considering her long-time role in environmental issues..."

This woman is a lot of talk, but actually does nothing to protect the environment. During the entire time W/S was applying to build a mall on 107 acres of undeveloped land, she never attended any P&Z or Inland Wetlands meetings or voiced any concern over the many environmental issues and neither did her husband. Her vote to support the mall and continued support thoughout the application was done like a true rubber stamper.

Cheshire is only important as a political stepping stone.