Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama's "stimulus package" for Cheshire

I'm sure we all know about President-elect Obama's "stimulus package" that he's planning. But CNN has begun offering some details on the package:

A report to Congress that requests $73.2 billion to pay for infrastructure projects around the country includes plans for a polar bear exhibit, an anti-prostitution program, a water park ride, zoos, museums and aquatic centers, CNN has found.

So I figure Cheshire ought to ask for funding too. We've got "bridges & dams" that just passed at referendum. We've got $1 million for roads that just passed... and we've got an extra $100,000 that just got flushed down the sewer over on Lilac Drive due to somebody's failure.

But why stop there? If Obama insists that the printing presses run 24/7, we may as well ask for a permanent structure for the pool, right? Oh wait! Obama is requiring that projects be "shovel-ready." And since our Council has mastered their dillydallying technique since I called for final action on the pool back in February... nope. There is no shovel-ready project for the pool. So I guess we can't get any funding for that project.

I "wonder" what the chances are for the turf being "shovel-ready" within a few months??

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Come on Tim, the turf has been "shovel ready" for months.
They've been shoveling it on deeper and deeper to the point that many people are blind to it.
I certainly hope that is one project that will be shelved for a long time.

tim white said...

sorry... I added some punctuation to the last sentence to add clarity. Hope it helps.

And yes, I agree. There's been plenty of shoveling already on that proposed project.

tim white said...

One thing I'm wondering... with Mary Fritz apparently no longer in favor in House's inner circle... does that mean the $525k disappears? Does Donovan redirect it elsewhere? I doubt it, but maybe.

I'm sure Councilman Turf is all over it though... if I really wanted an answer.

Anonymous said...

Most of the shovel ready projects are just pork.

The test should be, does the project add anything to the competitiveness of the U.S.

Some don't really care about the real value to our economy. The turf heads are only interested in entertainment and not about real value.

The U.S is now the Argentina of North America.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What is going on with the pool? I thought Altieri said that an RFP was going out. It's been a while - why haven't we heard anything else?