Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cheshire firing range accident

From the MRJ:

Police reported that a 55-year-old Bethany man seriously injured his hand when target shooting at a local fish and game club Saturday.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I didn't even know Cheshire had a firing range! Good thing the bullet didn't go off towards someone's property.

tim white said...

Yup... I'm pretty sure there's also one in the basement of Chapman School... not that it's used - I think it's completely abandoned. And I'm guessing there's one in the PD HQ. And one on the state property between the prison and Peck... actually, if there's one behind the prison, I think the CPD may use that one.

And there's another abandoned one in the basement of a house on South Main.

Can anybody confirm those locations?

Anonymous said...

I hope all the facts come out soon. If this was a failure of the gun there will be no reason for us (Cheshire) to start beating up on the 2nd Amendment.

I believe the school range was closed many years ago, after digging out all of the lead.

Anonymous said...

There is a gun range way off a cul de sac off of Cook Hill Road, in 1998 I looked at a house there but the sound of gunfire and the smell of gunpowder on a Sunday afternoon was a defintive turn off

tim white said...

closed many years ago

yes... that's more accurate than saying it was abandoned.

The entrance to the Cook Hill range is off of Cook Hill... right near Pine Brook I think. I hear the shots every weekend... sounds like firecrackers.

As for my leanings, I don't particularly care for guns. But I am a lifetime member of the NRA.

I support all ten amendments. For example, I support the right leaning 2nd and the left leaning 4th (by opposing FISA and opposing IMO unreasonable search).

Anonymous said...

I live just off Cook Hill Road and some of the gunfire you hear is coming from the Hamden Fish and Game Club which is just over the hill in Hamden. Their entrance is on Whitney Avenue near the power lines. I agree with your comments on the Amendments and am also an NRA member who worries whenever something goes wrong with a gun.

Anonymous said...

The firing range located in the sub-basement of Chapman is used now for storage but the markings are still there for "50 feet", etc.

Anonymous said...

Nothin like the smell of gun powder in the morning!