Saturday, December 20, 2008

Altieri makes appeal to CRRA to reconsider

Oftentimes I disagree with Councilman Altieri and his actions representing the Town. But yesterday he informed the Council of something which I think most of you will appreciate:

Hi Fellow Council Members

I wanted to let you know that I contacted Mr. Mike Pace of CRRA board to re-emphasize the need for them to re-consider their option as far as the purchase of the Wallingford Plant. I did listen to Mr. Pace's input from the boards point of view. He assured me that if CRRA did purchase the plant that we would not get a deal that would be less advantageous to us than the one we just signed with Convanta. He told me more than likely it would be a better deal. I told him that I would hope that would be the case.Just wanted to let you know about this conversation. This was a follow up to the letter sent by all the towns and the Wallingford Mayor communications with the board.

Matt Altieri

I applaud his efforts. And who knows... as unlikely as it seems, his efforts may have an impact. Perhaps CRRA will be so hardpressed to secure financing by December 31, that they'll simply concede and follow the wishes of the five towns - allowing us to contract with Covanta at a lower cost.

And on a related note, I also appreciate the fact that Councilman Altieri shares his thoughts with the Council - either at meetings or via email.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if Alteri had discussed his plans to contact CRRA with the rest of the town council.

It doesn't seem like a good idea to have individual members just go out on their own and try to negotiate deals or whatever. He went out on his own and got funding for the artificial turf, now he wants someone else to put up the rest of the money.

As for the economy, Alteri just doesn't get it, if he did, he would be asking to drop his frivolous turf item.