Tuesday, December 09, 2008

$150,000 more for Lilac Pump Station

The Council is set to spend an additional $150,000 on the Lilac Road Pump Station Tuesday night... an appropriation that was supported by the voters in 2006, but for $750,000... not $900,000.

As usual, I got my "Council pack" on Friday night. And the following documents were included as support for the $150,000 appropriation:Some basic questions run through my mind...

1) is it legal to increase this appropriation?
2) is it right to increase this appropriation?
3) what's happening?
4) who's in charge?

I've got this funny feeling someone is going to tell me:Tim White


Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to explain how the WPCA, Ms. Esty and the Director of Public Works came to realize this just 13 days after the referendum date. How could they not know earlier? I'll tell you why it would because there was not sufficient time to change thew referendum question on the ballot, that will be their excuse or reason. Ask the question when did you know about the cost overrun.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to explain . . . has a point.

Another point along those lines concerns what appears to be really sloppy project planning. Town elected and hired officials need to understand and practice a simple concept practiced by successful organizations small and big, PLAN THE WORK and WORK THE PLAN.

They had 25 years or so to either remember or to figure out how deep they needed to dig before they started, what happened?

Out in the real world, directors and managers coming in a day late and a dollar short on as many high visibility projects as these managers and directors have would be looking for work in another line now - - -

Anonymous said...

Very simple fix people, Mr. Michelangelo must be replaced, he has had his share of strike outs during his tenure. End of story!

Anonymous said...

Connect the pump station to Town Hall, that should rid the town of most of the waste we have.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting analogy this little problem presents, about an overflow of wastewater polluting the surrounding area. Attend recent Town meetings, and you will see the same spillover. With each passing month, the smell becomes worse.